Blender 2.8 Viewport Performance

(0o00o0oo) #232

Being disappointed with current 2.8’s performance issues (beta, I know, I know), this excites me terribly.

(cekuhnen) #233

Seriously needed - I worked with some scan data and Blnder 2.8 is not usable
I experience wait times of multiple seconds after moving meshes …

(DasCoont) #234

Just downloaded the nightly 2.8 build for feb-10, and when I have any of the “active tools” enable on viewport (grab arrows, rotate handles, etc.) the viewport performance is really choppy and slow, especially with panning, or zooming or going to localized view. This is with a simple cube mesh as the only object on stock settings.

Anybody else experiencing this? I’m using a 1600 cpu with a gtx 1080.

(Ace Dragon) #235

Can you state the OS you’re using and your driver information?

I ask because a few of Nvidia’s recent drivers are being seen as not that great from a quality standpoint (with one complaint being cruddy performance on Pascal cards).

(DasCoont) #236

Just checked on nvidia control panel. Says my driver number is 399.07. And I’m using windows 10 home. Should I change my drivers?

If I don’t have any of the active tool translation enabled (selection box, cursor placement) the viewport is fine, but I like using my mouse to left click and grab the tool handles to move my objects around, like I did on 2.79.

(DasCoont) #237

So really no one else is experiencing this huge lag when moving or rotating around a selected object while any active transform/translate tools are active???

I just tried this on 2 other pcs, all have the same issue, as long as a clickable active tool like grab or rotate is visible on the viewport while an object is selected.

(ajarosz) #238

I have 2700x with GTX1070 and everything is perfetly smooth. NVidia driver version - 388.13.

(noki paike) #239

guys, look what performances are achieved with the radeon mesa opengl as using the technique of Primitive Culling With Async Compute, I strongly think that the guys of blender should take a look at the source code of mesa radeonsi and adopt similar techniques directly on EEVEE for all GPU :smile: :grin:

(Tomáš Luža) #240

What the actual…!? Now I tried to dig some more info out but is it as fresh as bakery right out of oven. What will this actualy mean? Does it mean only real time FPS boos (GIGANTIC one thou) or would this affect also “classical” rendering?

(noki paike) #241

I do not think so,
I think it benefits only opengl modelling, animation and eevee realtime …

(Tomáš Luža) #242

Hmm even thou this is still incredible. I’ll try to keep up with new infos, ty for this post.

(DasCoont) #243

Just wanted to update on slow viewport performance with gizmo active on an object: the lag and stuttering issue seems to get much better once I turn on cycles rendering mode on viewport with the gpu once. After going back to any other mode (solid, wireframe, etc.) the viewport stuttering while gizmo is active seems to diminish greatly, but I can still see the slight micro stuttering. Seems triggering a rendered viewport kickstarts the performance into high-gear.

At least its use-able now, no more lag on rotating or panning around a selected object. Anyone have any insight on this?

(filiuspatris) #244

can you confirm here?

(DasCoont) #245

Wow this is exactly my problem, thanks! I’ll create an account to add onto that thread.

(kelheor) #246

I can confirm too, that Blender 2.8 viewport laggy when you trying to move/zoom/rotate around the object, no matter if you enabled gizmos or not.
I tried on a notebook with i5 8250U/8Gb/GeForce MX150 and on PC with i7 6700k/32Gb/GTX 1070+1080ti.
Blender 2.7 viewport works much faster.
Especially those lags are visible in solid mode. Changing performance/effects settings not affect viewport performance and it’s still laggy on both high or low settings.

(Metin Seven) #247

I passionately hope Vertex Paint mode will get a viewport speed boost as well. Right now painting slows down considerably once your mesh exceeds about half a million vertices.

(Thinking Polygons) #248

Maybe there’s hope?

BF really needs to hire this man full time. :smile:

(Metin Seven) #249

Yes, Pablo Dobarro is doing great work. :+1: His Twitter is filled with mouth-watering Blender coding. I really hope his stuff will be blended into the master builds soon.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #250

I can confirm the viewport is choppy for me as well now. Running a 1080ti here. Scene complexity doesn’t matter, it slows down even with just some boxes. But not immediately, it takes a while for the choppiness to kick in.

(noki paike) #251

everything nodes, houdini… xsi ice… parametric CAD modelling… animations … insanely mad scientist of crazy inventions… come … come to me… yes yes
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