Blender 2.8 Viewport Performance

(oaschwab) #272

I think that’s only for cached animation. It for interactive movement of an armature.

(SidV) #273

Actually the update improved the speed a bit. Now it plays between 5-6 frames with one subd. Still far from the old one tho. I hope they keep optimizing it.

(desotobend) #275

OK I wasn’t sure, I knew about the edit stuff wasn’t sure about the other…TY EVERYONE for verify.
I realllly like 2.8 a great redesign,great job all :))


(Veezen) #276

How is the performance in newest Blender 2.8? I can’t check it right now but Im using version from 09 March probably and I have two problems that makes Blender unusable:

  • working with subdivision on complex mesh even on 1 level is lagging
  • UV editing is lagging on low poly meshes (more than 3-4k tris)

I know that Blender is under heavy development, but I just asking :wink:

(Ace Dragon) #277

There will be another bump in OpenSubDiv performance when Sergey updates the topology cache to work with editmode like it does with armature deformation.

Though right now, priority is fixing issues that would otherwise prevent the Spring Open Movie team from getting anything done (which has led to a lot of fixes related to hair particles).

(Grey32) #278

Not really ‘viewport’ performance per se, but I have my own little animation test I run whenever I download a new 2.8 beta. That is a rigged and animated mesh with a subdiv and a sequence of 120 frames.

Back in Feb’, 2.8 was strugging to get to 10fps on the viewport with this. Now it’s around 20fps or so.

So getting better, just a little more tweaking to to get to 24fps (which 2.79 reaches).

Sadly rendering the animation in eevee is still a bust (Mesh geometry glitches and jitters).

[Windows-7/64 i7 4820 3.7GHz 16GB + NVidia GTX 1060]

(drgci) #279

the speed up in the animation playback is because of the topology cach from sergey
now wait for the edit mode and this will be the final speed up

(carlosan) #280

excuse my question
I wanted to know if we could ever have a viewport performance equal to the one shown in this production. I share the link of the model modeled, rigged, animated and render in maya.

Another link


(noki paike) #281

guys, I posted this video for the bug report that hiding geometry doesn’t work, editing objects remains slooow

and YouTube started taking the piss out of me with this video about Houdini’s performances

(VertexPainter) #282

How you did this and how you disabled info at bottom?

(SterlingRoth) #283

Houdini has millions of dollars of revenue to pump into development. It also costs significantly more than nothing.

(English is not my native language) #284

It is true. But let’s see in terms of market competition, since Blender now wants to compete in the major leagues with the new industry standard things and Development Fund campaign. How much does a Blender user have to spend on Add-ons to have a similar feature set to one of those commercial software? After buying all those addons, will the user have some money left to donate to Blender Foundation?. Or will the user prefer to buy a license (at least indie license) of any of those softwares that offer mature and stable features?

(Metin Seven) #285

Just out of curiosity: if you had all the money you’d need, what software would you buy to leave Blender behind?

(oaschwab) #286

If Houdini was a more complete package I would pay for it. Their licensing is very fair. The problem for me is that it is weakest at the things I use most often. General 3D work.

(English is not my native language) #287

I’m just a 3D and OpenSource fan without much money and using Blender in free time for fun, I can not even imagine leaving Blender behind.
Anyway, thousands of times I have hit my head against the wall because of limitations of Blender features, never because of the GUI. I guess those limitations will be even more painful for professionals. So my questions were more related to whether Blender Foundation really sees clearly where it should aim if it wants to compete in the market attracting donors.

(Metin Seven) #288

If being a professional means getting paid for your 3D work, then I’m a professional. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve owned 3ds Max for a lot of years, plus several expensive plug-in renderers, such as finalRender, V-Ray and Maxwell. I also own 3D-Coat, ZBrush and Keyshot. And I keep falling in love with Blender more and more as time progresses. Actually Blender is one of the most complete software suites I know. I wouldn’t know a high-priced 3D tool for professionals that offers a great poly modeling toolset, a very potent sculpt mode, two great renderers, a fine compositor, a motion tracker, a powerful video editor, a 2D animation suite, a paint application and much more, all combined in one pretty coherent environment. I am in awe of what the Blender developers have managed to establish through the years, guided by Ton Roosendaal. And I’m confident that the Blender 2.8 viewport speed will be improved in the near future.

(noki paike) #289

it’s the extrainfo addon

(Cheinu) #290

This, although I will say for heavy tasks blender does show weaknesses in it’s seams. Very high poly modelling and sculpting is frustrating, same with trying to texture paint. You’re in for a ride if you’re trying to make a character that’s more than stylized. Much of the super realistic character models are often done in zbrush, textured in an external editor like substance or quixel and then imported into Blender for touch ups and rendering.

This is something Blender devs understand and will hopefully get around to soon as they have said this is all next on the list.

(noki paike) #291

from what I seem to guess, a sort of win-win situation is forming, low end and mass will use more and more blender and big studios houdini …
blender will create workforce and experimentation and indies, houdini and a few other high-end ones, will be tools used for high-end jobs …
obviously blender will be common to have it even in big studios …
the old world is dissolving quickly … there will be no more middle lands …

(Metin Seven) #292

Yes, for the really heavy-duty jobs and for a few more things such as auto-retopology ZBrush is still the king. But Blender is a rising star, and I much enjoy watching it shine more and more.