Blender 2.8 Viewport Performance

Do you mean general scene navigation, edit mode speed, pose mode animation…?

Mm… Had a feeling that it might have been something like that. :slight_smile: Good to hear it’s back like that at least…
Still, we need to be patient, a big project like blender has a lot of code, and I suspect that they need time to track down the performance issues. :slight_smile: They’ve brought us this far, and it’s looking good. It’ll be better in time. :slight_smile: It’s still a brilliant software that anyone is able to download for free. And that in itself is amazing.
Even though Blender Foundation is not a million dollar corporation, they still eat more and more into their territory, and given enough time and support from users it might be on par with, or even overtake them… If there are issues, send them in with specific examples so the programmers have actual stuff to compare and try to figure out the differences and the reasons for those. Whining about it in the forums is not going to do much in the first place. The developers forum and the chat where the developers frequently are is probably a good idea. But it needs to be something more than: ‘It’s slower, it sucks.’ That doesn’t help. :slight_smile: The more specific, the better.

I think there were some issues with ngons and subdiv modifiers. That aside, this seems to work fine for me on my not to beefy 13 inch macbook -

Whatever your specs are, there shouldn’t be that big of a difference between maya and blender, not sure what’s going on there.

@angus have you submitted bug reports?

I do not expect any huge performance boost in RC1 since 2.79 is also slow - but it would be nice have same performance in edit mode like in 2.79. Right now is 2.79 clearly faster in editing of 300 000 tris object…
Most problematic for me is - When I hide part of the object - performance is still same…
I need split model to more parts which I edit separately, then everything put back together…and this is really annoying…
But when I turn off autosmooth and set model flat that slightly improve my performance.
I run on stock i7 8700


You are not alone. There is big chunk of community waiting for that specific thing to be fixed.


So as of 2.8 RC we have 2.79 editing performance but nothing more.