Blender 2.8 Viewport Performance

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Well, the proof is always in the pudding. I’m looking forward to blazing workbench performance with many dense objects upon release :smiley:

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If not mistaken OpenGL is still developed and to be there parallel to Vulkan.
Vulkan isn’t “new” technology its lower level API that requires more work and doesn’t magically remove OpenGL.

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Do you mind to share what exactly you mean?

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the storry is a bit different Dirct3d a Microsoft solution openGL is platform independant
If you read the wikipedia article “Comparison of OPenGL and Direct3d” then there is an intereseting passage

In March 2014, Microsoft presented basic assumptions and goals for the DirectX12 3D component (to be ready for December 2015).[19] OpenGL vendors took a different approach, and during GDC 2014 presented a mix of features mandatory in OpenGL 4.3 & OpenGL 4.4 or already ARB extensions, to show fast paths already present in implementations from Nvidia, AMD, and Intel.[20] Later AMD donated Mantle to Khronos Group, the API was renamed Vulkan and now this is the current cross-platform API dedicated to reduce driver overhead, while better distributing work among multiple CPU and GPU cores, using an unified management of compute kernels and graphical shaders.
During the presentation, apitest was introduced. It is a new tool for microbenchmarking specific solutions for given problems emphasizing exploration of fast paths in current APIs. Both OpenGL 4.x and Direct3D 11 are supported. Gathered results showed that modern OpenGL can be many times faster than Direct3D

As far a i know blender devs are active in the “vulkan” group, and there is a wish/goal to one day have vulkan inside blender. But I assume thats not an easy task, requiring a lot of low level code changes

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When I tried, I had a weird behaviour. Environnement texture of background was re-evaluated (dissapearing/reappearing ) at each setting change. You are trying to focus on shadows on mesh surface and suddenly, the whole viewport is flickering, distracting you to what you want to perceive. It is very unpleasant.
And basically, only frame 1 is concerned by light cache.
You can set current frame to any frame, it will only work for frame 1.

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Sorry, I am not referring to 2.8 generally, but Eevee…my whole issue with Eevee is that it is a RT(and possible interactive) renderer…and this is my opinion…it should be designed from the ‘get go’ for performance in mind…I do not see a point in having a RT renderer if you cannot do scenes in RT at a regular playback frame rate(24+)…it is already being(or is already)able to render out shots for playback at whatever frame rate you desire…being that it is no longer RT after this, but video…

I may not be being eloquent enough in how I am trying to make my point…but bottom line from my POV is people who want to render out frames should be using cycles anyway…people who cater to the interactivity market(even just for assets) require speed as well…not just the eye candy.

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Relax, it’s still just alpha, they need more time… :slight_smile: No point in whining yet…

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We made a doc and asked some questions to Clément.

You will have your answer :wink:

My GPU is not showing up in Blender 2.8
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Neat! Who’s asking these questions? I don’t know if questions are being continually added, but could someone ask if bloom/DoF is going to be updated (to address the issue I described here: Blender 2.8 development thread)?

Right now, that’s the one behavior in EEVEE that stands out in a bad way for me.

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We added the questions (blenderlounge cummunity) and yes, you can add more, clément aggreed to continue to answer.


It’s true we have been promised that Vulkan will never be a replacement for OpenGL, problem is that none asked how many devs felt the same. In theory Vulkan and OpenGL is two separate things , in practice, Vulkan is nuking OpenGL from orbit.

You know things are bad for you when the very group (Khronos Group) that has published you (OpenGL) publish on YouTube a video presentation of a guy from the company that made/makes DOOM one of the most popular games of all time and makes fun of you of being obsolete

By the way , let’s play a game

Can you spot the video about OpenGL the last 2 years ? Tip: WebGL is not OpenGL

Fun Fact: this is the official YouTube channel of Khronos Group , the creators of OpenGL , Vulkan , WebGL and much more. A Groups made out of the biggest companies in the graphics department.

It’s true Vulkan is never going to truly replace OpenGL

its not possible

its has already done that.

Blender is already planning to move o Vulkan, it wont happen any time soon, but is unavoidable truth. Eeevee of course will massively benefit from such a move because literally there is no comparison between Vulkan and OpenGL performance wise, plus Eeevee use an old version of OpenGL, version 3.3 , an 8 years old version. First release of Vulkan was 2 years ago.

So the Eeevee people complain about now performance wise is like the 1% of what it will be the next 3 years.

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swapping to vulcan will cut out many people w/older pc no?


nope Vulkan is a very different beast

But it won’t make your GPU any faster than it actually is.

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Used KHA he suport the vulkan for windows and linux.

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Oh, I see. I don’t know what Blenderlounge community is, but it looks French…? Where would I propose my question to be asked?

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In the doc at the english part.

Yes it’s a French community.

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Oh, I can just type in my question in there without going through somebody first?

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Tape your question :wink:

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Adopting Vulkan would either mean supporting two APIs, or bumping the minimum spec for Blender to DX12 class hardware. Neither of these is very appealing. Maybe in a few years.

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Could you add this question in French and (good) English?:

You recommended as much vRAM as possible for graphics cards. Are there errors of the type "Out of Memory" that prevent obtaining a render image if vRAM is not enough in Eevee? Or little amount of vRAM influences only in speed/fps, and you can get the resulting render image even if vRAM amount is small?

Thanks to Clément for taking the time to answer our questions.