Blender 2.8 Viewport Performance

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@pitiwazou, when you have some time available to translate, Clément has answered some questions.
I also wrote the new question number 24.

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Ok I’ll do that :wink:

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50k polys character and simple idle animation.
2.79 - 37 fps
2.8 - 16 fps

How can I speed up my viewport? I starting animate character in 2.8 and understand I cant continue working because 2.8 is dramatically slower than 2.7.
sorry for my english

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It seems like 2.8 needs a lot of optimization before it will perform better than 2.79. The spring team has to work with 2.8, so I imagine performance improvements will roll in over time.

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has anyone tried if in scenes with a lot of objects, constraints and stuff like that blender stays fluid? In 2.79 heavy scenes start to be extremely sluggish, not necessarly for viewport issues but more because of all the stuff going on in the scene.

in theory the new depgraph should help with this… any one tested such situation?

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i did recently work with a scene filled with ton of heavy meshes and linked collections and particles. In 2.8 it was a very smooth experience. when i tried the same in 2.79 it was pain to look at and navigate. No animations etc. though. But I’m way more confident with 2.8 even in it’s current state than I was with 2.79

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I am constantly testing blender 2.8 viewport performance. I can say that the performance on lager scenes with large polycounts have significantly higher fps in viewport than 2.79 (but 2.8 must be in opengl mode). In edit mode 2.8 is horrid, absolutely. Editing meshes above 100k is just pain.

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thanks for the answers! That’s good to hear!

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today I tried to open a huge scene in 2.8. We are talking thousands of objects, linked and in scene. many of these objects use constraints and modifiers. In 2.79 is becoming hardly manageable. The problem is not really the (huge) amount of polys in the viewport, but the fact that blender freeze every few operations I do. Sometimes it takes 10-15 seconds to select, move or delete an object.

2.8 works super smooth! Just an instant to do anything I want, no random freezes! I guess this is the result of the new depgraph! Maybe raw viewport performance is still not there, but I am sure it will be when they start optimizing.Nonetheless what I saw today I was great, kudos to the developers! The experiment went honestly beyond my expectations! :slight_smile:

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2.8 must support this scene!


Dreams :smiley: Ptex support first

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Really? PTex is all but a dead technology everywhere outside of Disney’s offices. UDIM has long surpassed it as the “detail where you want/need it” solution that the industry latched on to for ease-of-transition and performance reasons.

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Yes, only Disney use Ptex.

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Some people are having fun with ptex in 3dcoat tho. :wink:

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Has Disney figured out how to multithread Ptex though when a scene using it is being rendered (as that was a major pitfall of the tech. initially)?

I would imagine they have made progress by now if they continue to use it.

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Not sure…

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Don’t know if it has already been told, but I got really slow ctrl+Z, especially when it has to change the mode, for example from edit mode to object mode, well the devs are probably aware of that, but sometimes it is 5 seconds for a really simple object :confused:

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What is the reason that 2.8 seems to be as good or better than 2.79 except in Edit mode?

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yeah this is very concerning …

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I noticed that sculpting was 10 times faster with the april 2018 2.80 build and the clay engine than with the actual build