Blender 2.8 Viewport Performance

So I’m working with this model (100k Verts) with eevee. In look dev I get 2-3 FPS when I move/rotate model around, in Solid mode it’s better but still noticeable slower than 2.79. I have i7 6600k/ RX580/16gb and my CPU/GPU only load ~ 15% during the process.
Am I missing something here?


got the same problem :frowning:

Ive noticed in edit mode it can be a lot slower.


This is the know issues for edit mode performance and subdivision performance for the animation playback ,as it’s look all of them will be solved in blender 2.81 ,so no performance speed up in this release I think ,we are one week before the release so I dont expect miracles


I can sculpt just fine but dyntopo doesnt seem to be as it was in 2.79 ( other threads verify I believe), but even with just a 155k mesh which is nothing ( yes , 2.81 may fix it all ) I can’t even move one vertice without huge lag, so you can imagine why Im not working on my 2.4MIL tri mesh here in 2.8 atm :wink:

We all get it, just chiming in, and while I don’t have an i7, my i5-3570 is MORE than enough ( still incredibly capable! ) for Ue4 quad tiled world with tons and tons of sculpting and lots of shaders, but then ue4 has lots of devs, moola maker :wink:
Trust me I know, I’ve looked, and I can’t get a decent , worthy CPU upgrade without spending at least $200 and thats alot for some of us , so ya this several year old i5 is holding up real well and my gtx 950 2gb is just fine too, sure I"d love a RTX 2080 or higher but those are VERY expensive , let alone a gtx 1080 . I don’t , yet, feel the need to upgrade as Ue4 is doing everything I need to do , - one thing that bugs me a little is waiting for system on shader creation updates–sigh- but thats to be expected given size of my world, etc. All given not a big deal but for a team on time constraints, aint no way :slight_smile:

What’s the model like? Are you using any modifiers on it?

Where is the link? or the road map saying that this

Blender viewport performance is a problem since ages. This is the reason many Blender user veteran didn’t like all this UI changes because we all know that big problem is with performances, while the DAG is bringing a lot performance wise, the old ways of maintaining your scene or project hold. My base mesh are 50K-70K less than 100k and i use modifier subsurface or multires. With my old computer, I can reach 65 millions and animate on a lower resolution. Here is a example more than 1 million Erick sculptember fun
In a complex scene use linking library to manage your project check free blend file in e.g classroom.
I bet you have better spec than me so you should learn the “Blender way”


TY for response, but while your effort is worthy and appreciated, you’re talking to,in large measure someone while I’ve done tons of work on the basics of editing moving verts faces edges, I’ve never had a need, yet to go much further, then again we all have different levels of talent obvious by some of the incredible work I"ve seen here.

Anyway, given that, I’ve zero clue what the heck DAG means, hope no one holds me too horribly responsible for not knowing that.

Also and again thx for taking the time, you note " I bet you have better spec than me so you should learn the “Blender way” , I"m assuming you mean multirez, ya I’ve tried that too never had any lucko on my now 2.4MIL tri mesh but I"m capable of retrying bc atm I’m eternally stuck here :wink:

Feel free to offer a best video for this purpose if you feel there’s one I may miss among the huge # of available videos.

Btw, why did you mention this, In a complex scene use linking library to manage your project check free blend file in e.g classroom. ?

My ‘mesh’ is very complex, but the scene is simple so please elaborate,in the mean time I"ll try to ascertain meaning by going to the ‘classroom’ ;))heh


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No modifiers, no need atm that I"m aware of, which would you suggest ?

Sorry not being explicit on DAG, DAG is the new dependency graph that helps
on managing your work. Read more here ->

What is your workflow like, what are doing with Blender? In Blender if you are moving only vertices, faces and edges you need to keep your base mesh low more than 10k less than 50k for a full body character and use subdivision surface or multires.

Multires and subdivision surfaces those modifiers help while you are keeping your base mesh low. Here is a short intro to multires. -> Keep your eyes on the polycount when he is adding more subdivisions. With multires. My advice is always add more details as possible in the lower level when you add an other level don’t go to sculpt at the lower level.

I didn’t know that your mesh was complex i though the scene was complex anyway here is a place to get free .blend file and spend time investigating how things handled there.

Show me what you got i may have more precise advice and if you need PM it is okay as well.

155k no modifier you are killing Blender right now.

No kidding ;)(, it doesn’t take much, which is why I"ve been using meshmixer for,almost everything except a few smaller projects then , now, I"m using blender, and I very much love 2.8, just incredible, better after viewport fixes :wink:

I can wait tons of things to do as most I suspect :wink:
A great deal of my time has been spent on UE4 and MM where things go very smoothly, but ofc MM has no vert/edge mode so it gains in perf. there no doubt.

I"m going to try MultiR on my 2.5tri mesh see if that helps, ( just did) and it crashed before it could do so but that could be RC stuff who knows.

That was a question directed at the original poster of this thread.

ah LOL, sigh–thx :slight_smile:

Sorry for late reply. I post a video here:

Hide/remove modifier fix it but still It shouldn’t be laggin

I’m also sorry for late reply, moving …
You note use of modifier, but its not showing on screen,I also don’t see what your vert counts are.

No modeling app is dealing well with my 2.5MIL tri mesh,I guess hardware upgrade would fix & I’m working on that.

As noted, MeshMixer works great, but prob. bc it has no vertex edit mode, just face which got me here, but past that phase of project now, and need to edit deeper, hence the issues ;))

Anway this :smile:

This is the know issues for edit mode performance< drgci

My perf. is nowhere near as bad as OP’, THO even at 100K, ya issue remains.
Please see video which shows my system while doing simple vert(s) move, on 100K:

THX :wink: