Blender 2.8 viewport updates

i understand. the problem is that it doesn’t help. and i wish there was a way to fix this issue somehow.

You can’t know if it helps, you’re never tried what he’s suggesting - it isn’t implemented.

Honestly I’d rather see a slightly smarter solution. The trouble is that the samples seem to be limited by vsync. I’m quite sure most discrete GPUs can draw a cube faster than at 60 fps though. The solution is to decouple the sampling from vsync and only drop to single samples past the minimum, say 4, when the viewport gets below a certain fps threshold, like 20 fps. So in short:
As long as we’re maintaining 60 fps, we draw all the samples per frame the GPU can handle, blowing past the maximum even, if possible
Below 60 fps we maintain a user settable minimum, like 4 by default,
Below 20 fps (or whatever the user sets), we drop down to single samples.

I mean - knowing that something going on under the hood which makes the picture uglier for sake of optimization does me no good, since i just want to turn it off. I want to see consistent smooth picture, but not some ugly blinking mess in a viewport.

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In Blender Today yesterday someone asked fo text hinting task diff to be integrated, here it is :

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Per object wireframe is supported now :

About the node editors, I think a lot of them could be merged, maybe a bit like Maya where you can control a shader or a modifier propertie with your rig for example, can be handy instead of having a lot of drivers.


I knew I had made a mistake when I posted my sarcastic remark about node editor…Sorry for derailing the topic…

I haven’t tested 2.8 all that much but do the random object colors carry over to the wireframes in the viewport or are the still strong objections to colored wireframes from the devs…

Clément restored Maximum Draw Type :

Color code in 2.7x was about linked/grouped objects. Now, we have collections for that.
Currently, wireframes are black or using Selected/Active object colors from theme.

I don’t think there is an objection about using a derivative of random color. It can’t be exactly the same for obvious reason that wireframe will simply not be visible.
So, they have to define how darker it should be compared to used color , if color for active/selected object should be brighter used random color or continue to use color from theme.

Clément is closed to restore all per object settings from Viewport Display panel. They are probably open to suggestions to improve this part in 2.8.

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Great, been waiting for this!

BUT: this is very buggy at the moment. Some objects disappear completely if I activate Maximum Draw Type = Wireframe. And I cannot select any of them with the right mouse button.

Very much want to see default/general be default. It seems to provide just enough and not too much as a base to work on.

Blender’s workspace malleability is one of it’s strongest points, honestly I never find myself using the built in ‘screens’ in 2.79 (2.79’s version of workspaces) besides video editing on occasion, though I always had to add a properties editor on the side.

Whenever I need an editor I just pop it in from the side, or view->duplicate area into new window, and add it on the other monitor. My workspace is always changing and adapting to what I need, and at what priority. Sometimes the graph editor is on the main window, split with a 3d-view and dopesheet or NLA, sometimes it’s in a different window off to the side because I still need it, but not as much right now. The default in 2.79 seemed a good base to work off.

So with status bars disabled, are there any plans for custom HUD stats (Head-Up Display)?
Is it doable with python or will it be?

ie. as is possible now via Debug Menu, but only showing info/stats of user’s interest.

Very possible via python, and done by a number of addons (Speedflow, HardOps, Boxcutter, Re-Last, MESHmachine, etc). You can draw anything you want to the 3D View.

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Yes but not on 2.8, they will remove a lot of things, so it’s not sure it’s possible.

Yes, am using those with 2.79b :smiley:

Here am interested, if developers have some simple customization option planned for 2.8 HUD.
Would be great… ie. C4D has a drag and drop option for HUD including adding drivers, controls/sliders, stats and what-not. Then possible to move around the viewport. Working comfortably in full screen then…
Will need to wait for new API and see then.

Is there any indication they are gonna remove this? Have they said something along the lines? That would be extremely unfortunate.

Apparently it just gonna be changed, not removed. And changed for an easier way of drawing things. A good part of the API is changing, it is normal if some functions don’t work at the moment in 2.8.