Blender 2.8 viewport updates

X-ray drawing has been improved a bit. Including…


Better hair drawing.

And general polish

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Not sure. Is your .gif showing an automatic viewport color being assigned based on the object’s most prominent color? If so, then yes, that’s really cool, but what I think @YAFU and I are thinking of is more of a viewport checkbox option (like the random colors) that’ll do this for all objects.


Yes an automatic match of the material color should be great.

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I can’t for the life of me figure out how to turn on the ao/cavity display in the workbench. I see the options, weirdly in the Scene properties instead of the Render properties, but they don’t seem to do anything. Is it currently broken? Also, what happened to Clay?

Look under the shading button on the viewport. You’ll see a checkbox for cavity, and controls to set ridge and valley strengths underneath it.

As for clay, I guess it’s redundant now, since you can get that same effect no matter which renderer/mode you’re using now.


There’s nothing there?

Yeah, when you’re in material shading, all it does is allow you select the HDRI image. Go to single color, or texture. You’ll see the extra options under shading then.

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/me facepalms.

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I tried to load a big scene just to watch Eevee prepare for 2+ minutes. This is likely because of the complexity of materials. What’s also interesting is that they were a lot brighter in viewport than with cycles render creating a situation where it either off in cycles or eevee.

Question - is there some mechanism that would allow working with “simpler” materials for Eevee (e.g no dust, no scratches, no complex textures etc) while having full quality, complex material for Cycles? A viewport override perhaps ( like a slot under material output (surface,volume, displace, viewport?))? I can envision a script, but for a big scene it seems tacky.

In short, there are bound to be exceptions where Cycles renders does not or should not look like Eevee. Is there some mechanism to achieve this or anything planned?



Good question.

Rather than eevee and cycles ! viewmodes|273x30

solid is simple and fastest, texture shows basic textures, material is eevee and rendered is cycles if that’s what youve set to be the renderer…

I don’t understand what else is needed? surely that covers your needs?
the biggest workflow issue is taht light strengths in eevee are much stronger than cycles so best to do lighting in rendered mode

…yes is also wondered why its so much stronger…?
the way it works now it’s hard to use as a preview for cycles when giving complete different lighting results…

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Some of the reason why you might want to decouple Eevee material from Cycles:

  • Faster(no excessive textures, shading ops) and better(tweaked custom material for viewport) generation of video/animation previews for more complete overview and presentation to client.
  • Compensate on “strong light” and other discrepancies.
  • Create circumstance where you can render parts of animation with Cycles and other with Eevee, manually tweaking for closest match.
  • Handle larger scenes better visually and performance wise. In certain areas you need textures, in others you might want to dim down on reflection not to distract etc. Viewport should create ideal working environment for artist. Eevee offers more control than workbench circumstancially.
  • Often artists need debug presentation of something. For example working with very dark HAIR might be difficult in viewport, a custom material (superior to workbench) might help. In other cases you might be working on something like a car body and want to have reflective material that helps detect uneven areas, bumps. Perhaps you want to have different transparency levels etc.

I assure you there are many more. It would be nice to have an extra socket underneath Material Output for that.


You can have the same value for the lights, the settings are independent between Cycles and EEVEE, if it is still the case. :slight_smile:

If the lights and the tonemapping work in a similar fashion, then I would only make sense to me to have the lighting intensity be more or less the same when switching engines.

Is there a reason why the intensity is mapped differently?

I agree that it should be pretty much the same, don’t know if there is a reason for this :confused:

It is planned:

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Edge based wire hiding is back in, kinda. there are a few cases that aren’t working as well as they were originally, but it is a step in the right direction:

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The Z key appears currently broken and I’m having trouble finding wireframe mode in the view options. Where is it?

For now, you have to turn on wireframe in overlay mode and to have it similar to what you had in 2.79 you have to set X-Ray to 0.0 in shading panel. Switching it will be sorted out in the future, and Pablo said that we might have some presets, so you can have few different wireframe views, but for now, it is not very convenient.

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