Blender 2.8 viewport updates


(William) #671

For all the tools that don’t require different axes of input, there’s less of a need for a gizmo. Inset Faces adjusts a percentage of inset-ness when you drag in the 3D View. What would a gizmo add that’s different from just dragging to set the influence?

There are other tools, such as Shear, where there are axes. You might want to shear along X, Y or Z. Shear then needs a gizmo to do that, consistent with Move or Scale.

(anphung) #672

Can we have Show Cage in Edit Mode for Bevel modifier too? It’s hard to see the result while editing bevel weight

(Charbel Nicolas) #673

Hi William, I understand what you’re saying, but unfortunately the inset face gizmo doesn’t work properly as you say it should, its use is very limited depending on where your cursor is placed at the moment you run the inset face tool.

Please watch the following video to see what I mean.


I don’t know… This is one of the type of behaviors that really make for poor usability. I think you could leave the same dotted line gizmo but change its behavior so it can be used correctly.

I really hope this can be sorted out, coming from modo’s nice bevel tool gizmo, this one really makes me cringe.

(William) #674

We could add a ‘2D’ gizmo separated from the actual mesh - we did discuss this. But it seems like what you don’t like is the specific mapping of the input (scale in and out to inset).

The way it works now is consistent with many other tools in Blender, where you drag inwards. Using the tool depends on where you drag from currently. We could potentially change the inset tool so the mapping just goes from left to right on the screen. Some other tools do this too.

Btw, what ‘dotted line’ gizmo are you referring to?

(Charbel Nicolas) #675

Sorry, I meant to say dashed line, I’m referring to the line that goes from the mouse cursor to the actual face in the mesh when you run the inset face tool.

(BlackRainbow) #676

I realy hope we wont end up with the visibility toggles as they are right now. This is an issue. It will become 2.8s “right click select”. Blenders learning curve most of the time will end up right there, at the moment user sees two buttons doing exact same thing, he wont stay long enough to care about linking.

Yes, i know its in alpha state, in development. That’s why i hope there still will be further development on this side.

(Thinking Polygons) #677

Blender now has the viewport navigation gizmo system, so it’s just a matter of drop the old way of manipulate the tools and use the new system, which is the standard in all 3d applications.

(Zinogg) #678

i think we could have an option in the user pref for both, right now i managed to draw the transformation gizmos in the view-port when playback is on, but since i am new to Blender and coding in general i couldn’t figure out how to update it each time u drag it…i’ll try to make my own standard version but it’ll take me awhile.

(Zinogg) #679

Blender needs to change, bringing everything to the 3D view-port and tool/top bar is the better solution it makes for easy and quick access instead of making every-thing tabs,icons,menus and shortcuts, if it were for me i’ll take it even further and make it all working interactively with gizmos and widgets.

(Ace Dragon) #680

Considering all of the things you find in the properties panels, moving each and every option and field to the viewport would be quite difficult to do without having too much clutter or occlusion of the workspace.

(Zinogg) #681

well not everything, this needs good design and testing first.
but for the end users would be much useful and easy to have a direct manipulation in the view-port, or what is like now with the tool/top bar and the pop-up side menu, it frees u from going into nested panels and what not, this what any well designed software does, it presents the most used tools first and leave the lesser ones in the menus and panels.

(Ace Dragon) #682

Mano-Wii committed what looks like a major speedup for vertex drawing in edit mode.

To sum up, drawing time in some cases related to overlays was cut by more than half (in this case, it was in the situation where you have a subsurf modifier and an edit cage).

EDIT: Another one (though with a smaller time reduction). Benched with editmode cages on meshes with modifiers.

Blender 2.8 Viewport Performance
(Ace Dragon) #683

It looks like Mano-Wii is continuing. A small bump in cage performance, but still a bump.

If this is only the beginning of his effort, I can’t wait to see how much faster Editmode is by the time the Beta hits.

(Thornydre) #684

Clement Foucault just implement Soft Shadows for EEVEE, it works really well but you have to boost the samples a bit, and even if it not physically accurate, it is pretty smooth ! It is great to see the shadows react when changing the size of an area light :smiley:

(razin) #685

“This approach is not physicaly based at all and will not match cycles.”

:disappointed: i hoped for something that matches cycles shadows at least a little bit, but i’m still hyped about this

(Ace Dragon) #686

The unfortunate truth is that physically-based soft shadowing in a realtime setting is extremely difficult to do, unless Eevee started making use of Nvidia RTX cores (which would mean locking it away for the vast majority of Blender users).

As said before, the difficulty in the world of realtime rasterization is that many effects don’t just work out of the box.

(noki paike) #687

eevee for now must give priority to real time …
in the future, when the platforms will be more powerful and the code smarter with for example the machine learning algorithms … the question will be much more interesting ^ ___ ^

(Piotr Adamowicz) #688

Don’t fret, it matches Cycles well enough, it’s just not pixel perfect.



(Cabbage) #689

Wow thats actually surprisingly good

(ManuelGrad) #690

HOLY … thats awesome!