Blender 2.8 Weight Paint - Can't paint certain edge loops [SOLVED]

Hey, I’m quite new to the 3D world overall, but I was doing this character for a game, and I got stuck in the weight painting process, I for some reason, can’t paint a certain edge loop, I can paint others, I tried vertex or face select, and it didn’t help. The only thing i can do, is change it’s weight via vertex group … But I would really like if some one could give me a hand in solving this, or at least giving me the reason why it’s happening so I can improve and avoid the same mistake.

Thank youu :smiley:

Have you turned off normal angle paint limiter?

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Ooh, it did work, just reloaded the project after I turned it off, thank you :smiley:

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You might try making certain that the entire object is selected using the ‘a’ hot key. Have to select entire object while in weight paint mode.

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Hey, that wasn’t the problem, but thank you :D, i have it fixed already i needed to turn off frontface falloff.