Blender 2.8

Hello everyone,
This is my first post in this part of the forum. I’m just starting to touch the BGE and I’ve been looking a bit around to see what could be done with it and whats being done with it. I’ve really saw some great potential.

On this has recently been posted :

I would like to know whats exactly going to happen to BGE?

I have not found another thread speaking about this, if its a double post I’m sorry.

Well, I hope of new shading system(including PBR) and node based logic like it’s said.

Do you guys think that we could ask that the “New BGE” export games to Android and if possible IOS? Or would that be just a stupid dream on our part?

If I don’t see a time schedule with resources allocation I usually read that as “some of this may happen in some form in the foreseeable future”. One or two specific feature may be realized with no plan but a major overhaul like that is not likely to happen if you don’t have the numbers written down.
But I’d like very much to be surprised.

Well, Android and iOS currently is dream as we even can’t export to other desktop platforms from our current ones…:smiley:

That is true what adriansnetlis said it would be a dream… But from what I have heard is that if we change the graphics rendering code(can’t think of the name) to the same type of opengl that Android has then exploring it to Android would so much easier. Then all you need to do is compile comparable libraries… At least that is how I under stood it.

We need multiple OpenGL libraries to be used for multiple platforms like Unity and other engines does. Actually, latest generation Andorid phones’ GPUs support even OpenGL 3.0 ES and higher…

… Hum sounds like we only need the libraries to be made… I think that there was a project working on this if I rember right

Yes you can, no matter if you are using Windows, OSX or Linux you can export to any of those platforms using the Game Engine Publishing addon that comes with blender (read its documentation for instructions)

I know the addon, but it is not 100% stable and it is not fully internal. It is add-on, not part of master…

@adriansnetlis cycles is an addon too you know… Same with other features.

I hope the game engine gets better integration with the rest of blender in the future, that is when we can fully utilize its power, imagine creating assets textures rig animation and the whole game world from inside the game engine, I mean it’ll be like minecraft… on ROIDS:ba:

Yeah, I think that the most important features are modern shaders and android compatibility, and everything else will be possible once the user base explodes

To be really honest, I personally think that the Blender Game Engine would stagnate and maybe a few games would come of it. It is a bare-bones game engine that looks more like a fun hobbyist game designer and developer tool rather than a professional one (compare it to what Unity 5 Free has). Plus, it doesn’t even have a basic 2-D UI layer that can be edited. Although you can achieve this through an orthographic camera and textured planes, but it would be very hard to adjust the elements in real-time.

Anyways, I really hope that the BGE would go somewhere rather than being this part of the software that has been included in the package but has been abandoned and left to collect dust under the hood.

what are you talking about? its been being maintained for free,
and the goals about modernising the viewport and using the same code
in the game engine are all over, if we get a modern render, and logic nodes instead of bricks you can do anything,

bare bones? pleae dig around for a while and learn to use the engine,
or name something the engine lacks for you to make your game?

With due respect I do know how to use the engine; I may just not know as much as you do. I already stated in my previous post that a dedicated 2-D layer so that game GUIs are easily set up and editable is one feature that will make everything easier for the users. Setting up different overlay scenes with orthographic cameras and text objects that you have limited control over is much more tedious than just simply having a 2-D layer that you can edit.

Twisted is working on something for that,
and then there is the bgui,

what do you need ?

I could probably get you something started ,

Also, I desire that the BGE would be able to export games that can be played on the web; Unity 5 Free already has this out of the box. Burster is interesting, but I do not think it is popular enough to be widely recognized and accepted by people. Please do not take this as an advertisement for Unity, I am only making comparisons.

Start learning BDX for now,
but its not my cup of tea.

I think html5 is a bit cumbersome to me,
best to deploy a application for the device.