Blender 2.80 ability to draw Grease Pencil strokes in edit mode (and selection mask)?

The ability to draw Grease Pencil strokes in edit mode and the ability to erase only selected strokes are the two key features why I use Blender 2.79 for my animatics work.
Anybody know if these features are coming back to 2.80? Or does 2.80 already do it and am I missing something?

In 2.80, Grease Pencil is an object.
It has a Draw mode separated from Edit mode with specific active tools and specific menus.
There is no reason to expect a merge of both modes.

But Selection Mask is still available for sculpt strokes. You could ask to have it for Draw mode, too.
In 2.80 like in 2.79, you can still move strokes to a different layer that you can lock.
In 2.80, eraser has an option to erase only visible strokes.
So, by focusing on a layer and hiding other ones, you can only erase a selection of strokes.

2.80 also has a cutter tool that erases a stroke until it intersects with another one.
That reduces the need to use a selection mask.

I see.

I will try out the cut tool, that’s exactly what I use masking for.

Thank you!