Blender 2.80 does not start

hi all I re-installed ubuntu 18.04.06

and now blender 2.8 doesn’t start anymore while blender 2.79 works fine. what is it due to?
do i have to install anything else?

Blender 2.80 was released in mid 2019. So, it is not surprising that is not working with ubuntu 18.04 defaults.
You probably have to update your ubuntu packages and drivers to be able to run 2.80.
But if you do that. You will probably be able to run a more recent blender release unless your hardware does not handle minimum requirements.

hello, blender 2.80 blender
worked fine on ubuntu 18.04
before I reinstalled it,
there must be a driver or python problem,
by typing in the terminal pyton -v
tells me pyton 2.7.17
blender 2.80 uses python 3

how do i update pyton

You probably can use several versions of python for different uses.
You just have to search for package corresponding to python3 and to install it.

Blender has it’s own python embeded. Try starting on the command line mayeb with --debug ?

i have istalled python 3.7 and blkender 2.80 now run correctly

That’s stange…blender comes with its own python…

You open the linux terminal and you share here the result of the following commands:

sudo lshw -c video

And if you have an nvidia card:

cat /proc/driver/nvidia/version