Blender 2.80 duplicate along a curve without deformation

There is no Dupliframe function in Blender 2.8x. How can i duplicate object along a curve without deformation?

I ran into this issue when rigging a chainsaw blade, I managed to get around it, but it’s a bit of a hassle.
I made a triangular zigzag mesh, and parented my chainsaw teeth to the triangles as a 3 vertex parent, then I deformed the zigzag with a curve modifier:

Huh … Really dumped options and gave no other in return?

There’s a whole lotta code out there, sometimes you just have to wait for feature parity.

When blender 2.5 was released, the entire arc of 2.50 - 2.59 served as a long-term beta. We’re in a similar transition period now.