Blender 2.80 eevee render problems

Cycles render

Eevee render

  1. Why are there neons missing in eevee on some of the buildings (note that the buildings are very far away and huge) so the neons flicker when I move them around.

  2. Why is the reflection of the vehicle against the ground so bad?

  3. Why are there no lights at the back of the car (the lights are made of glass material and under them are emission objects)

  1. Try bringing buildings closer (and make smaller). Having huge objects (and distances) together with small objects can cause problems sometimes.
  2. If you’re looking for shadows underneath the car, emissive material and World background lighting doesn’t produce shadows (maybe will be implemented later). So, you’ll need to create actual lights for that (enabling contact shadows at light settings could help). Also disable Half Res Trace on Screen Space Reflections tab at render settings (maybe increase trace precision as well)
  3. For the glass/transparent objects you need to enable Screen Space Refraction at material settings and enable Refraction on Screen Space Reflections tab at render settings.
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Ok now I wanna make a glowing mist in the distance but that doesn’t work.

I assume my suggestions worked out and this is a way of thanking… I don’t know how you can achieve that glowing mist (make sure you enable volumetric in render settings).

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well thanks for your effort