Blender 2.80 Export .fbx into unreal 4.22 distorted

I have 5 pieces of a table, top, post x2 and two feet. I join them all with Ctrl-J. look good. export using edges in the options. When import into unreal engine 4.22 the posts stick up through the table.

I am new and doing basic graphics. I have done other things like sinks, tubs, fridge and no problem.
Want to upload but not allowed just yet.

any ideas, I can email the file to anyone who wants it.

I’m not sure if you’ve found an answer for this yet but it might just be a case of reseting the scale of the objects before you export them, note that you would also need to have the scale right before you uv unwrap them to get the textures right also.

No quite but close. Can I give you the file to look at. Also really strange when the table is imported kindof sunken on the top.

Hi Michellia im still learning the ropes myself but if you post the file ill take a look for you, i have unreal so i can test it there too.

Hi love to give you the files, but not allowed to yet, still too new, how can I get it to you.

Perhaps you could add it to dropbox or google drive and make a downloadable link for the file you want to share.

hope this works

Hi Michellia i had a look at your file and noticed a couple of things that will be causing you problems. Firstly the UV unwrapping on both your meshes is an issue, you need to unwrap the uv’s on your meshes before you export them to unreal engine else it wont look right when you try to put textures onto them. You have to unwrap them in blender ‘after’ you have applied your modifiers to get accurate results and before you can export them to unreal. Secondly the resolution of your meshes is very high due to the subdivision surface modifiers you have used, while this isn’t something that would stop your model from working in unreal engine, it’s best practice to reduce the amount of polygons on your mesh as much as possible due to the fact that game engines have limited processing resources compared to offline rendering engines like blenders cycles render engine.

Things you need to look into:
Look up high to low poly workflow for game assets to gain a better understanding of how to create 3d assets for game engines and Tutorials on UV unwrapping

I’ve left you with a couple of links that can help you get started.

UV Basics
High to low poly game asset production in blender ‘free’

thanks a lot.

looking at them now, been sick a few days. got lot to learn on unwrapping.