Blender 2.80 Release Candidate

There are no addons and seeming no way to add them. Does anyone know how I am supposed to add the addons?

It’s an issue. They are aware of it.

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Is this only on the Mac or in all versions? Thanks.

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in win too :slight_smile: you can just copy them from the last beta release, if you did download it :wink:
! correction: nope, only the personal installed addons are loaded ! but the official ones, no

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Not sure. I’m on a Mac and have same problem. I reported it and they have multiple reports.

I just looked in the blender package. All the addons are there. They are not loading and there is no way to load them. Sounds like a bug in that module. I will wait for a fix. What else can I do?:frowning:

It seems they fixed the issue with a new update