Blender 2.80 - Things i will miss

Alright i’ve been playing with 2.80 now for a couple hours for the first time, and i noticed there are a lot of things that i would consider “missing” from 2.79. Not just things that have been relocated, but straight up missing, such as significant tools in the Tools and Properties panel, and the lack of a normal layering system.

So i’d like to hear what you guys have to say.
I know there is a thread about coloured icons, so feel free to bring that up again, but i want to keep this thread updated and make a list of things we’d like to have back.


I’ll just kick things off with the Tools and Properties panel. I completely agree that these panels looked cluster, and a nightmare for beginners to look at. But lets be real, once you get passed that, its a place with a LOT of compact tools just a few clicks away.

Im all for moving these to more appropriate locations as they’ve done, but why not take this moment to bring new things to the currently lacking tools and properties panel.

Hitting T now brings up very, VERY basic tools that i likely wont ever need. So i would love the ability to add things i personally found useful there, the way Zbrush does it. Or have access to more abstract tools that i would otherwise never use, and most likely forget even existed. Such as the Bend Angle tool (i have it at Shift W, i dont know if thats default).

I just feel like its a missed opportunity.


I’ll miss nothing from previous versions. :slight_smile:


Not even the layer system? Or some really handy tools such as WE WF WR? I have for a long time wished that they added the ability to keybing something to a chain of keypresses, such as the ones i just mentioned. But now they removed 3 that i used frequently. Sure they’ve probably put then somewhere else, but still unfortunate that i cant put them somewhere where they dont take up any valuable keys.

I will miss the T-panel.

My sweet, beloved 2.79 UV tool shelf replaced with…

these wonderfully useful tools.

Yes - I’m afraid you’re seeing correctly. There are annotation tools on. both. sides.

At least they haven’t binned the API yet, so I can add my own toolbars. Sometimes old stuff will fade in favor of new, better systems. I don’t know tbh. UV editing is pretty laughable out-of-the-box. I feel sorry for non-super users, truly.


oh i completely agree. Even if they moved most of the tools, why not put something else there? Its such a convenient area to put tools, easy to toggle on and off…

To be fair, the UV editor didn’t have tools in the T-shelf until 2.78 (I’m the author of the patch that added them). Most of them are in the RMB menu now.

I still sort of miss the background images. Empties are alright, but can just be a hassle floating around in the viewport.

I also don’t really like the Wireframe mode as it is currently. Can’t select through things very easily. Edit: Actually I just tried this one, and it appears to be working okay since last time I messed with it. Maybe it was just a bug on my system.


wait did they remove background images? do you HAVE to have them as planes now? or in the viewport

Thank you for your contribution. The ‘Tools’ category was one of the bigger improvements to the out-of-the-box experience.

Interesting to note, it’s still possible to add tools to the T-panel, although the active tools are fixed at the top.

I am confident the panel will be repopulated as development continues and the trunk gets updated, not just in the UV/Image Editor, but all the other areas in due time.

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There’s a new Empty, called ‘Image’.
But you don’t have to see them in perspective if you don’t want. In the properties of the Empty (Image) you can uncheck ‘Display Perspective’, this will auto hide the image plane,

I was a big fan of BG Images, and used it a lot.
I just tried the new system the other day, and I prefer the new system. It’s easier to manipulate the images and love having it as an empty that I can import to other scenes.

I was also ‘intrigued’ by the Collections system and lack of old layers. Once I got the chance to play with it a bit I like it now. And they’ve improved it since. So this get’s my vote, realy emjoy the new collections system.

And now we have Local View (isolate select) back. Plus check out MACHIN3tools addon, and his Focus command. It’s a really handy, it’s Local View on steroids.


ah this is what i was concerned about. I cant stand having images in the 3D view, cheers :stuck_out_tongue:

To be honest i like what they are doing with 2.8 specially 3d view manipulation but i will still resort to 2.79 for at least a year or 2 since i am not sure many addons i use regularly will be update for 2.8.

As an ex 3ds max user i like the box selection , left click and deselect by clicking empty area, it’s more intuitive and always reverting to b for selection and A to deselect is annoying.

I would love to be able to assign a modifier to many objects at once!


Thats not new, ive been using emtpy images for a long time in 2.79, the perspective thing could be a new option though, i never noticed it before in 2.79.

A thing i miss is the abilty to put bars on top/bottom, horizontal/vertical like you could in 2.79. First thing I tried to do in 2.8 and found the BF didnt want me to undo some of their new layouts decisions.

This applies to 2.79 buildbot. May work, or not right now, in 2.8.

  1. Select Objects that will share Modifiers.
  2. Add Modifier/s (they/it will apply only to the Active Object).
  3. Ctrl L in viewport, select Modifiers. Or search & select Make Links.
    Now Active Object Modifier/s are propagated to all selected Objects.

Hold Alt to adjust shared Modifier settings across all selected Objects.

As for me, collections are like sooo much better. In 2.7x I had to sqeeze everything in 20 layers. No I can do whatever I want. I like it so much better. Some time ago I was missing tool bar, but with quick menu I’m okey.


Thank Tommy i already saw this on Blender stack exchange but i was thinking about a more direct approach similar to 3ds max where you just select the objects and simply apply the modifier to all of them in one click.

I know it’s no big deal for many but when you have RSI issues the more click you can avoid the better you are.

A lot of keyboard shortcuts were removed.
Lice, Alt+C to convert, or Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F for linked flat face select, or shift+F for fly mode…
Now I have to keep these in “Q Favourites”, which isn’t that terrible, but i was used to them…

Good to Know that! I knew that the back images weren’t there anymore and I din’t try the new image empties yet, I was concerned about having them floating i the perspective view. But the option to disable it in perspective view sounds great, it will just be like the old system but with a more precise way to place them!

The only think I liked about the old layer system is that It was compact and quick… but seriously, I used 2.8 for the last two production projects, and the collections are simply more powerful. I couldn’t even manage the huge and complex scene I’m working on right now if I couldn’t name and nest collections.

Or you can just reassign those tools to the old shortcuts in the settings. No shortcuts are hard coded, so whatever keymap the BF decides to ship by default is pretty much irrelevant for any existing user with an established workflow.