Blender 2.80 - Things i will miss

(zeauro) #21

Shift W is still the shortcut.

There is a task to create an active Bend Tool with a gizmo.

I think that people will search after this tool.
Warp tool is also an unknown tool and could benefit of a gizmo.

Spin tool gizmo convinced me that tools using 3d cursor can become handier with a gizmo.

(RaphaelBarros) #22

I hope they add this later, but so far the F6 last operator under your mouse pointer thingy. Also, the tools bar placement on the properties tab for sculpting was really poorly thought (and so were the placements at the top). Basically whenever you want to sculpt in fullscreen (ctrl+space) the replacement for the T panel in sculpt mode disappears and you have to rely on the top menus.

Not being able to easily select one brush from the list of multiple of them (there’s no category with all brushes), not being able to select them by number, or to easily set their “shortcuts” by just placing a number in front of their names.

Never was I so glad we have Pie Editor addon, because I’m going to use it A LOT.

(FinalBarrage) #23

point was, few people know about this tool. We could put that in the tools panel, along with a lot of other abstract tools.


A wacom + a space navigator and multiple pie menus in blender and on the wacom is simply blazing fast if you have productivity in mind.

If i was in charge of a big studio this would be mandatory for my employees.

I could never revert to a mouse for serious work.

(MACHIN3) #25

Because you can’t use a mouse effectively, you’d force employees who can, to work with a tablet instead?

(cekuhnen) #26

I still think the new empty idea lacks the fact that you cannot see a specific image only in a specific view.
when working in ortho and rotating the view in ortho you still see all empties!!!

The new collection system destroys the old and all other layer systems like in SketchUp etc.
It is perfect!

(EdgeMaster) #27

I will miss Carve Booleans. Being able to use 2D planes to cut away at objects is a must for me.

(Craig Jones) #28

In the Empty properties uncheck ‘Display Perspective’ and it will act the same way the old view system did.


Read correctly when you use a wacom with a 3d mouse you have around 30% boost in productivity.

We did a test where i was working, the same modeling job was given to 2 artists and one was using a space navigator with a wacom and the other a regular mouse.

The one with the space navigator and wacom finish his model in 3 hr while the guy with the mouse took 5 hr. Both were at the same level as artist.

And if i was indeed in charge of many employees in a big studio i will have all the rights to make them work in the most efficient way possible since i would be their boss.

(MACHIN3) #30

Navigation controls are only a part of an efficient workflow. A mouse with more than 3 buttons gives you access to various tools, the kind you won’t have with a tablet pen.
On top of that, with the space navigator in one hand, and the tablet in the other. You can’t use the keyboard efficiently either

I’d call your one test not evidence for anything and I’d question whether the artists where having the same experience too.

make them work in the most efficient way possible

So, keybord and mouse it is then.

(cgCody) #31

I haven’t used 2.80 enough to really know if there’s anything I’d miss. Though I have had a few instances where I was bummed to find something missing, only to find that it was replaced with a better function.

I own an Intuos, Cintiq, and a SpaceNavigator. Aside from the point that I find polygonal modeling awkward with a tablet, I also happen to be left handed with the tablet and SpaceNav, so I couldn’t use them together. I also use a mouse right handed. If you were my boss, you’d be asking me to throw away decades of muscle memory. I’d just look for a new employer. Some food for thought.

(fiendish55) #32

I as well use tablet for modelling nowadays I started with mmo mouse with multiple buttons, but in the end wacom is just superior in ergonomic and workflow point of view. You use pen for drawing and sculpting as well which means you don’t need to swap between pointer devices middle of your workflow.

With pie menus and hotkeys its just as fast to work with pen, but more intuitive if you need to combine different task while modelling.


Just ask anyone using a 3d mouse and you will quickly get what i mean.

But you have the right to work the way you want and i was just talking in the situation if i was the boss.

RSI cost a fortune to studios world wide and with this kind of setup you can alleviate the risk a lot.

After suffering from RSI myself i see mouse as torture instrument!:grimacing:


Like i have mention to each is own and i said if i was the boss since the productivity boost and RSI risk is minimal.

But i don’t want to derail this thread into a mouse vs tablet war!

(Vralsza) #35

Quick and easy vertex coloring by material in BI. :`(

(polyboy) #36

even in cad, using a 3D mouse does not always mean you’re faster.

(ogonek) #37

Me neither, but could you recommend a certain 3d mouse model? I have been thinking about getting one for a long time. And yes - RSI sucks, switching to wacom 80% really helped

As for the threads subject - I somehow miss the fingerbreaking ctrl alt shift c shortcut. Maybe i’ll add it back just for nostalgic reasons

(cekuhnen) #38

Nope far from it - you cannot link an image to a particular view anymore!

(Peter18) #39

I kinda like the new background image system. But agree a per view angle setting would be helpful.

I wasn’t a fan of some of the keyboard shortcut changes, so have changed a few things back. Namely my menu calling, and also making select all back to a toggle for ‘A’. Really not sure why they changed that one!

Also, for anyone struggling with the new wireframe mode, and it being a little too dense (more an issue when modelling from reference) Under shading, there is an X-ray setting, which tweaks the transparency of the wireframe. I’ve turned it off because it was the one thing really getting on my nerves.

So far I’m liking 2.8. The viewport is really nice to work with so far. I’m starting a 2.8 project, so will find out an awful lot more about it over the coming weeks…

(Zinogg) #40

Jacques Luke was the one working on these and he added the image entry in the add menu for background and reference empties , i saw the commits, he probably got busy with other stuff and didn’t finish them yet.