Blender 2.80 - Things i will miss

(Craig Jones) #41

I don’t follow you. If set to ortho and placed facing the view you intend on using and then uncheck th back side, doesn’t that mean you only see it in the desired view? How is this different than before? I tested on my side and the top side and front view behaved well. I didn’t test setting up one to parent to a camera, but I am sure it can be done.
Edit: I don’t mean to say you are wrong, just not sure if I have been using them correctly then.

(cekuhnen) #42

If you rotate the view In or tho you still see them


Here is another usefull thing that would be nice, lock image to view or is it easier to use an image editor.
(zoom implatation could be difficult)

(Craig Jones) #44

Not if you turn off perspective… the moment i rotate they disappear.

(Craig Jones) #45

Work through a camera, parent the empties to the camera and then turn on lock camera to view and you can toggle the visibility of the camera so it doesn’t interfere with your view. Select your model and if you have turned on rotate around selected you should be able to work with the references in view.


hahaha same goes for diiferent images in different views set up six cameras you know the rest.

(Craig Jones) #47

They can improve it all, I am just describing what I already do since 2.7x and sculpting dyntopo from multiple refs in camera.

(SterlingRoth) #48

Do you have auto perspective on? The images still show up in rotated ortho views.


Well i think anything goes.


Add image in front view uncheck perspective and backside you still see the wire or outline in left or right view but i can live with that.

:thinking:could be the soulution for invisibe planes in orho.


Things i miss form 2.4, ui and floating panels that adds to real customizability ( tabs).

(Romanji) #52

This right here.
Bring back the Tool panel! Also throwing all the plugins in the N panel is just a bad idea IMHO.

(FinalBarrage) #53

There has been a number of replies in this thread flagged as off topic. As non of them has gone to an insulting level i’ve decided not to take any action as this is a very general topic, and drawing comparisons to other programs is a valid way to get your point across.

However try to keep things centred around the changes made in blender 2.80 as much as possible.


I use the basic one since i don’t like the big an expansive one and i had a chance to try it at work and didn’t like the buttons placement etc.

Instead i use the Logitech G13 for my macro and buttons.

And about your funny comment on Blender acrobatic shortcuts i agree!:sweat_smile:

(FinalBarrage) #55

lol completely agree :stuck_out_tongue: I love using that as an argument, “Ohh you use simple dropdown menues? Ohh, we use hotkeys, hey, have you ever done CONTROL ALT SHIFT C??”

(Craig Jones) #57

Ah, “if you rotate the view in ortho…” if, then yes, you still see them because they are limited to ortho in that switch. If you rotate in perspective, they only show in ortho as I was expecting for front view, side view, top view, etc set to ortho which is how the old system worked partly.

I don’t rotate in ortho much so didn’t even see it til now.

(Craig Jones) #58

Ah, set the empties to ‘Front’ so that they don’t get hidden by the model/sculpt in view - and nice thing is that you can rescale the empties on the fly as you work, just have to remember to go back to the model selection before rotating view. Also good if you zoom in to the camera view so that the camera is taking up the whole viewport before locking the camera.

(William) #59

The toolbar is still there, but it now actually works. Before you couldn’t use many of the tools in the toolbar, because they would start moving things immediately. Use ‘Translate’ in 2.79 to see how this didn’t work.

Also, note that the toolbar was never the ‘addon area’. The toolbar is a toolbar. This seems to be a common misconception. Addons aren’t forced to go into the Sidebar at all.

Addons can extend the UI anywhere - they can add entries into menus, add panels to Properties or even add complete custom Editors now. Depending on the type of addon, their UI should extend the correct place in Blender.

And yes, addons can define active tools too, so they can add tools to the toolbar in 2.8.

This is just to clear up a misconception I’ve seen repeated multiple times.

(Pitiwazou) #60

Bretch said, there is nothing for the custom editor right now and the toolbar and active tool API are not yet ready either it seems.

(William) #61

afaik custom editors do work, but the toolbar API was pulled due to some issues. It will be back before the full release.