Blender 2.80 - Things i will miss

(Antaioz) #62

Continuous grab was on by default, the translate button worked fine with that enabled.

Granted that doesn’t mean anyone used it or that it was useful. But it worked, that it didn’t is a misnomer.

(Pitiwazou) #63


Can you elaborate about the custom editor, what are they exaclty, what are the possibilities?

Thx :wink:

(William) #64

Well, it was not practical. If you used a tablet for input, you could not move anything left, which was a hilarious (and quite stunning) limitation. :slight_smile:

(William) #65

Well, let’s say you want to make an Addon like an Asset browser. (while we all wait for the official one). This could be implemented as a custom Editor and show up in the list of Editors.

That’s just an example. I’m sure you can think of others too.

(Pitiwazou) #66

Ok, for that, couls it be possible to have the preview visible like that?

We could have textures, shaders, drag and drop etc.

Also, check my proposal on devtalk on the box and circle select please.

Also2, there is a big regression from 2.79 on the shading.

(William) #67

For the Asset Browser, yes, previews are essential to make it work well.

I can point you to the Asset Manager UI design topic here:

As for left click select - there are a bunch of todos that should make it nicer. Thanks for the suggestions - I think what you are referring to is called ‘Sticky Keys’ - ability to use tools temporarily by holding a key. It’s a really interesting UI paradigm.

(Romanji) #68

To put it bluntly: I don’t care what the initial definiton of the toolbar was and is, it WAS the place where 90% of the addons lived. You are right that the old toolbox was kinda useless because of that weird behavior with the tools, but it worked flawlessly for everything else which was not an active tool and I am mostly concerned about these.
Now with 2.8, all that is in the toolbar is basically useless for me since i use shortcuts to call these tools. (Same as in 2.79.)
With addons now being all over the place, i feel that we lost a central UI part where things where located.
It is nice that addons can create editors and in general be more customize-able, but my fear is that every addon dev will cook his own soup and the end result will be a huge chaotic mess instead of a more streamlined and coherent UI.
I am also absolutely no friend of cramming all the Brush and Sculpting tools into the top bar which is a result of this change.

Maybe i am just too pessimistic and all of it will work out just fine, but i can’t shake the feeling that we’ve lost something useful (among all the gains).

(3dioot) #69

I agree this was an absolutely horrible decision. Its also ironic that on the quickmenu or whatever its called you can only easily place tools from the toolbar. So not the brushes that you have to navigate to the top for.

I am certain it will change and improve but for someone to think at one point this was a good idea is a little baffling to me. :slight_smile:

(ogonek) #70

One thing I really miss: In Blender 2.7 you had those visual aids in the corners showing where you could split the viewport. Some indication where to put the cursor would be nice. (I know the cursor changes to a cross, but I liked it better the old way, especially when using a tablet)

(ogonek) #71

yes. the accessibility of brushes has to improve for sure

(Craig Jones) #72

Coming from a different side of this: as a painter and sculptor, I actually enjoy the way the top bar is populated with the active tool details, all of which used to be in the Tool Bar shelf. The tool bar is now just the tools themselves, adn the top bar is the settings in that tool, it makes a lot of sense and actually follows more of what other software has done as well. Only gripe I have is that when using the UV Editing and Texture Paint window layouts, the top bar is heavy to the left and I’d prefer the ability to choose to center it above the two editors in screen so i didn’t have to travel so far to the left to adjust tool parameters.

If you don’t like the top bar, I think it can be turned off since I see several window layouts missing it - then you can use the Properties Editor to access the active tool properties as used to use the old tool bar shelf.

This isn’t to argue that you are wrong in your own opinion, but just to say that some of us might actually get along with it and find it useful.

(3dioot) #73

I understand perfectly where it took inspiration from, its rather obvious to anyone who has ever worked with adobe packages. Where it fails imho is that some of the “settings” that were moved to the top panels are not really settings, they are actually different tools which should be reachable directly. Not through a dropdown.

Grease pencil is a great example for this. Lets put “ink”, “marker” and “pencil” as different settings behind a tiny button in the extreme left top. Technically you could argue those are settings of the draw tool after all. This is what we have now.

From a practical point of view not so much. I have one generic “draw” tool in my toolbar. Really?

In the end it matters little because any user worth his salt will a) create shortcuts for most used tools b) create a quick menu/pie menu whatever. There are plenty of 2d painting packages that show you how to actually put the brushes under the users fingers.

But to me its pretty ironic to try and expose tools through the toolbar and then end up doing something like this. I feel it misses the mark, regardless of where it took its inspiration from.

(jaxtraw) #74

I don’t see how anyhing is getting more exposed. The old toolshelf had a whole bunch of stuff on it you could try clicking to see what happens. Now they’re all gone. How is that exposing anything?

The philosophy seems to be to remove direct access to the accelerator, clutch and brake and make you drop down a special panel every time you want to access one of them.

(3dioot) #75

My point exactly. We are agreeing with each other on this matter. My last paragraph was about the intention behind the tool panel changes, and what, in my opinion actually happened.

With that said, its early days, I am certain it will go through a few more iterations. And there is always the power user route. :slight_smile:

(Romanji) #76

I often asked myself: Wouldn’t it make more sense to put the actual tools in the top bar and leave the T-panel for all the properties of the tools?
Would also make that awkward tool properties (non)floating windows go away.

(Craig Jones) #77

Makes sense to me now - though I did share that hesitation when they changed paradigm. Brush used to be individual Brush, now Brush Tool is the Tool, and Brushes are subordinate individual brushes based on and organized under the parent Brush tool. I didn’t like it until I read the rest of the design docs and saw the brush stroke preview they intend on creating that will be more liek what Photoshop has, previewing the stroke before you even use it, adjusting as you modify settings.

I’ll be grateful for that. I am hopeful this gets completed in such a way as to really open up the use of paint and sculpt for more users.

(minoribus) #78

I miss the toggleable transform tool, as we had in 2.79. CTRL + spacebar or the controls in the header did toggle it. Now it seems to be no more toggleable - even in the latest build. You can activate it in the T panel, but you can’t deactivate it.

And I also miss to shift select the single actions of the tool, like move, rotate and scale, i.e. in such a way that it displays move and rotate together, but not scale.

(zeauro) #79

You can choose another active tool or you can disable gizmo visibility.

But IMO, that makes more sense to press W to re-enable Select tool as active tool.

You can do that. Just shift click on buttons in Topbar.

(minoribus) #80

Thank you zeauro,

still not the toggle mechanics, but close enough.

Oh, I overlooked that, because I tried to shift select in the tool shelf itself.

Thanks again!

(Chanfiroly) #81

You can also toggle the gizmo on/off with ctrl+accent grave (I think that’s the key, I have a spanish keyboard so here it’s mapped to ctrl+ñ)