Blender 2.80 - Things i will miss

(minoribus) #82

Hm, ctrl + accent grave doesn’t work on my german keyboard layout, even after I reverted to factory settings and although the mapping is set to ctrl + accent grave. But now I was able to remap it. Thanks :slight_smile:

(Julian Eisel) #83

This is actually wrong, custom editors (as in .py defined) are not supported yet. I guess you understood something wrong here.
Brecht pointed that out on devtalk recently, too:

(William) #84

Ok, though Campbell had it working I’m quite sure - in any case, AFAIK, it will be supported in 2.8.

(ogonek) #85

I don’t know if I am doing it wrong, but in 2.79 you had that handy chain icon next to the layer dots, where you could detach a viewport from the general layer visibility. Is this or will this be possible in 2.8? Because I certainly miss it.

(zeauro) #86

In 2.8, layer visibility is managed at View Layer level.
Currently, active View Layer is just at in Topbar of a Window.
That means that to have two 3D Views acting differently, you have to duplicate window.

(ogonek) #87

Ah ok, thanks. It works but I find it a little cumbersome, I hope there will be some adjustments to that issue in the future. Can’t go back to 79 anymore. I am totally spoiled

(Sanne) #88

For me it’s ctrl + [the key left of 1] per default, on my keyboard the accent circumflex. It’s still mapped to ctrl + accent grave, but it seems it’s mapped to the physical key, regardless of value.

Also that key and shift starts fly/walk mode, and the key alone gives me a pie menu to select the view.

(Hikaru Ai) #89

I like to.model in orthographic mode and the empty images is a real real hassle while modeling, no everyone works in perspective

(Lsscpp) #90

That would have been a good idea, if only the topbar was a per-area thing. Being it a global, what tools should it show, if you have -say- 3dview and UV/image viewer?

(hypersomniac) #91

The hidden wire should work with “in front” option. It’s a bug.

I’m aware of the need for transparency in workbench. I’ll work on that.

(asknarin) #92

and pleeese, make thick edges in Edge Selection mode as an option. Like vertex size and face center size in theme preferences now. Because edges are usually very thick, It is a problem on dense meshes expecially. So it would be super handy to have option to keep them always thin.

(jendrzych) #93

The global Toolbar should show settings of the tool that belongs to the editor in which the cursor resides at the moment. You actually can’t use two tools at a time in two different editors.

(Lsscpp) #94

Nope: in that way if you have two editors one above the other and you’re workin in the lower one, the moment you want to reach the topbar you’re forced to cross the upper editor, and the topbar would change its contents

(TheGrom) #95
  • Ability to tweak the clickable hotbox area for the manipulator
  • Ability to change manipulator’s arrows size (thickness of the arrows)
  • Left panel with tabs in every editor.
  • Triangles in a corners
  • Ctrl+Tab for components selection and some other comfortably placed hotkeys like spacebar etc.
  • Old icons… they were ugly as well but at least i got used to them and they were more distinguishable.
  • Layers, i wish devs just improved layer system bringing it to the standard look, but now there are those collections instead(

Forgot this one -Ability to change a scrollbar size.

(yogyog) #96

Ctrl - Alt - Z.

(FinalBarrage) #97

this you can remap

(Antaioz) #98

Working on bones.

It seems it’s now (for armatures) a per-bone option, and only works with custom shapes

Unless you want to have ‘transparent bones’ enabled in the overlays pop-down, but really that doesn’t make much difference.

(FreeMind) #99

The two things i miss:

  1. Completely customisable GUI. Now we have the top menu, the top tool properties banner, and the info row at the bottom, that can be hidden, but they cannot be displaced.
  2. The T shelf. I really like the tool shelf as it is right now, and the 2.79 tool shelf design was a disaster, but it had the basic idea right: Tool properties have to be next to the tool, in the editor the tool is used in, and not the 3D object/render properties editor.

Everything else in Blender 2.8 is top notch.

(Hadriscus) #100

Agreed with your second point. I miss a place where each and every operator could rest. Right-click menu has taken this role but it’s not right under the user’s nose like it used to be.

(3dioot) #101

Its not a per bone option but its still messed up for 2.8 I wish they would have made it a proper armature display option instead of keeping it in the (rig) object display options. It did not make an awful lot of sense to have it there in 2.79 and it still doesn’t in 2.8

Its also true that while you can force an armature to display as wireframe by setting its max object display to wire this will only work in object mode. In edit and pose mode it still gets overridden and you get the semitransparant display without any option to tweak said transparancy which means its still massively more distracting then a simple wireframe.

Even the wireframe display in object mode is useless because it only displays the bone silhouettes. When I choose octahedral for display its so I can properly judge the orientation of the bones. Hiding internal edges in some misguided attempt to clean up the display completely negates the usefulness of that display mode with wireframe.

You win some you lose some I guess. :slightly_smiling_face: