Blender 2.80 - Things i will miss

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Lol, since when blender had a Completely customisable GUI? :rofl:

No they don’t. :slight_smile:
But you can put the toolbar on the right to solve that, and if you’re right handed you’ll love this change.


(KFK) #103

I miss not being able to left-click and drag to box select while a transform tool is active - single select only in 2.8. This is a huge step back from 2.79 and the one thing keeping me from singing 2.8’s praises from the rooftop.

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How do you enable that?

(FreeMind) #106

Well? When Hasn’t it?
Well, not like COMPLETELY completely. Do note, that the GUI is python and can be for the most part edited by anyone without recompiling blender.

But blender used to not have the hard coded Tool properties banner, or an info banner at the bottom. Personally I have a problem with these two.
The top menu used to be just another editor! I don’t mind that one as much though…

I’m left handed.
But nevermind, I hold my mouse in the right hand.
Still, this flip doesn’t change the fact that the Tool properties ar in Render/Object data properties editor. They don’t belong there.

(Michael Knubben) #107

With Tool properties, do you mean this?
And with info banner, do you mean this?

(Antaioz) #108

I think FreeMind is referring to the fact that previously, every area in blender was an ‘editor’, and rearrangeable. Now, theres bars at the top and bottom that aren’t editors and thus can’t be put elsewhere, or rearranged, merely hidden.

(Michael Knubben) #109

Ah right, I suppose that’s true! That’s a bit less freedom, although it hasn’t bothered me personally.

(animelix) #110

Hi how can i put the toolbar to the right side?

(Leonard Siebeneicher) #111

I miss a fast / good mechanism to apply bounding boxes. Very useful for large scenes with billions of polygons.

Maybe I am wrong, but in 2.80 I only find a per-object setting which enables a bounding box for a specific object.

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(Leonard Siebeneicher) #113

Excellent! Thank you for showing. I was not aware Properties Editor could do.

Display As / Bounding Box would do the job.

(English is not my native language) #114

Absolutely, now everything is designed around Top Bar and Active Tools, therefore Blender is much less customizable for the taste of each user, as it had been up to 2.79. I mean, you can create new areas as before, but in many cases the dependence on Top Bar and Active Tools means that not all configurations are optimal for the user.

I also do not like elements occupying the length of each header, it is more difficult to find elements and you must move a lot with the mouse. Elements in headres should be able to be customized by the user, at least the alignment (Left, center or right)

(dave62) #115

In b28 theres no way to know what is selected when overlays are turned off.
Also the frameposition is not known if overlays are off…
Showing these data via overlays is bad imo, also because the “Item” entry disapeared from the tools.

Here in b279:

Is there a way to bring back this old item entry?

Also i dont like those dropdown menu how to switch node modes.
Now you need a lot of clicks (at least 2 or more if you need the compositor):
1st click on dropdown, then reading and realize that the compositing nodes are elsewhere…

2nd click on other dropdown beside reading a much longer list:

In b279 it was much quicker. Just one click to switch…
And for those who dont know the icons: mouse over gave you the info!

(dave62) #116

+1 completely agree

(Lsscpp) #117

There’s people who think it’s better the other way around: an unique place for any setting. I thnik there’s still room to make both parties happy: keep settings in properties panel, and send’em back into the editor

(Hadriscus) #118

It’s not so bad if Blender 2.80 doesn’t ship with tool options right next to the left-hand region -now called toolbar - I’m more concerned about our ability to add it back. What are our options api-wise to manipulate this part of the interface ? Is there a way to expand it easily, add another region to the side containing tool options ?
The thing is, my workflow involves frequent switches between modes, including object and sculpt - and even though sculpt options, being so expansive, totally justify having an entire editor dedicated to them, regular mesh editing options don’t. It’s like, three lines at most, and the rest is empty space. Conversely, mesh options seem to fit perfectly fine within the topbar, but brush options don’t - as everyone has pointed out already, everything is hidden behind popovers. So, what works for a given context doesn’t work for the other (object mode and pose mode fall into the same category as edit mode here, and all paint modes fall into the other). To me that’s the main issue. We were supposed to have a ‘last operator’ not tied to the editor so it could be accessible from anywhere (not just from the 3D viewport), instead we got a last operator that’s still tied to the viewport and a topbar that’s supposed to be global but obeys different tools in different editors and doesn’t update when we go from an editor to another.
Wouldn’t it make sense to move last operator settings to topbar instead ? And split the toolbar in two in every editor to include a sub-region for displaying tool options ? A region that would scale to accomodate its contents ?

(Vralsza) #119

Am I missing something or do parent objects no longer get stuck under their parents and indented? (Assuming I’m not missing something:) I’m already missing that.

(Hadriscus) #120

You’re probably using the ‘view layer’ mode, which does not show object hierarchy. You need to switch to ‘scene’ mode for the old behaviour.

(iszotic) #121

All the missing stuff that got removed thanks to the idea of having a “base” set of menus, options and shortcuts, like converting mesh to curve or curve to mesh, the edge loop selection tools of edge option in edit mode, changing the center of the geometry, etc… lots of these have been reworked with pie menus but others, like the mentioned are just missing, I have to go directly to the menu bar if I want any of these and making a quick shortcuts just over all of these tools are not viable, because quick shortcuts don’t have a grouping of any kind, also I see blender 2.8 doesn’t have a quick way to set shortcuts for grouped set of actions.