Blender 2.80 Updated Online Manual

Any info if 2.80 will be released with an updated online manual?

It is work in progress.
Devs may write some chapters. Others are written by volunteers.
And sometimes, one or two persons are paid to boost this work or making video tutorials for blender youtube channel.

So, probably, there will be an official way to retrieve pieces of info when 2.80 will be released.
That does not mean that will be perfect and any piece of info will be available.
It will be possible that some info on manual will not be more descriptive than tooltip.

Okay, I see. Reason I’m asking is I have a few people interested in me teaching them blender so I am wondering if I should start them off with 2.79, which gas a detailed online manual or wait for 2.80.

I prefer studying the manual or books or guides when it comes to learning blender as opposed to going straight into tutorials. I have found that this approach helped me to better understand the software (and other design programs I have learnt) and gave me more creative freedom.

So I want to share the same approach with these guys I will be teaching.

I’d say find a way to go with 2.8, since soon very few will be using 2.79 anyway. And 2.8 is quite stable and feature-locked for learning purposes already. Sure it might be an annoyance to not have proper documentation just yet, but now is the perfect time to learn the new blender standard right away.

Thanks aleksi1. I think that makes perfect sense.