Blender 2.81 armature-rigify problems

Sorry folks - school boy error… had not updated add ons! pls ignore below question

I notice in the latest V 2.81 the armature drop dowwn menu only displays “Armature” - a single bone. Is the human meta rig and ability to generate a rig not available for some reason? Or am I missing something in the update?

Can you test something in regard to rigify? I’m also using 2.81 with rigify and I noticed there’s no way to focus on an outliner item (specifically a bone) using the “.” key on the numpad.

Have you tried hitting the Home key after the . key? Works for me.

Not for me it doesn’t.

The outliner moves, but not to the object I’m trying to bring into focus. For one thing, it’s still way too hard to see what’s selected with just that little icon barely lit up.