Blender 2.81 denoising

Testing the new denoiser filter in the compositor i seem not to get the desired / expected result.

(build in denoiser) (compositor node)

Render settings are the same. The mesh on the grill is vissible with the build in denoiser but not visible with the denoiser node.


Rendering CPU. Tried to find a tread to see if i’m doing something wrong, but no luck there.

The only difference here is denoising - built in and OIDN. I’m sure you can tell the difference.

Intel denoiser will mistake some details for noise and remove/blur it. 32 samples is also too small for production quality. Without any fuzz, I would increase the sample count and double the resolution. Then scale down the render using Photoshop and an interpolation mode that keeps detail. Alternatively render out problematic parts such as the meshed grille using built-in if you think that provides a better result.

Because I sometimes use a huge amount of light sources (demanding more samples) in my interiors, I have to render regular materials with vanilla diffcol and normals, while reserving denoise-albedo and denoise-normals for materials vanilla outputs can’t handle (glass, highly reflective metals etc). The two denoiser nodes are then RGB mixed using ID masks.

I have a 4k render going at home now, I’ll see if I can post a difference between 100% and scaled down 200% renders (400 samples, with a few hundred lights in the total scene but not to any given camera).

Clear explanation. I allready had increased the samplecount to 1024 without any result. Thought of blur by OIDN but could not figure it out. You set me on the right track. The finished scene will be printed at 1 by 2 meters and the render will be done by a renderservice. Because off my to slow machine i use during developing relative low resulution and usually for testing 500 samples. For most of the time that works good enough. Now with OIDN I run into the problem of the finer details. Your suggestion to use a bigger resolution did the trick. Doubled it and now i’m again able to see the details.

Glad it worked out. Because when I got home my 200% (4k) render had crashed out during the first frame, so nothing was done.