Blender 2.81 experimental build now available, so i have a question

How do I know what’s new to the daily 2.81 build so I can try/test it? Thank you.

As of today, nothing.

Developers just started working on it as of now, so there’s nothing to show for now.

Give a it a few days/weeks.

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Every week Brecht (one of the developers) creates a topic at devtalk forum where you can find all developers weekly reports:

Edit: I think starting from 12th August, Nathan will be creating these topics:

Edit 2: Below link will be better I guess:


Thank you for the info!

Here you can follow the commit stream with up-to-the-minute information. For the nightly builds, you’ll need to search for the commit hash shown in the splash screen to see what the last commit included in your build is.

If you see things in the commit history that you want but aren’t yet available in a nightly build, then build your own! It’s not that hard to set up and often faster to update than downloading a new build. Then anytime you see something interesting go by, you can just make update, make release and boom, there you go!


I’ve always been afraid to mess around building my own as I’ve never done that for any software. I will give it a shot at some point, thanks for the extra links.

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2.81 drops 32-bit supports for all platforms

The windows 32-bit support is undergoing KILL IT WITH FIRE! But Linux support will likely remain and accept fixes for future build issues though regular builds will not be provided and support will be limited and mostly you’ll be on your own there.