Blender 2.81 takes 1-2 minutes to open - windows 10

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Blender 2.81 is taking 1-2 minutes to open. The small black DOS screen just sits there and blinks its little cursor at me while I cursor back at it.

I just did a clean reinstall of the Windows 10 OS to try to fix this and some other problems. All seem fixed except this one.

Thanks for any clues.

Luckily this has nothing to do with Blender, because i am a nooooob in respect to Blender, buut i know a bit about pc’s :p.
Slow opening of apps quite often has to do with :

  • RAM -How are you on that -Recommend at least 4 GB
  • Malware -Do you scan your pc regularly? Recommend CCleaner by Piriform
  • Clutter Messy C-drive with a lot of fragmentation
  • Virus -unfortunately… Do you have a good protection
  • Windows-system errors! Do a win-repair with your original win-disk
  • Failing or erroneous updates. Are you fully updated?

Those should get you started, but if you -as you said recently have re-installed windows, then most of the above cant help you… :expressionless: -then it points toward RAM or a HW conflict. Check your device-manager for exclamation signs.

You also wrote

and some other problems

What was they?
What are your specs?
When did this start, and what pc related happened just before it started?

Some enabled addons has big slowdown to blender startup…
new @BD3D scatter addon is the weighter one.

Computer was booting up and shutting down very slowly. All the factors you mention are taken care of. I think it is hardware now, especially since you have listed the same fixes that I was hoping would work.

Thanks much for the suggestions.