Blender 2.81a acting really weird. I'm talking Roswell crash hieroglyphics weird

Ok, I was cruising along on a realistic grass tut. when I got to certain step and Blender started to
bog down. Then all the menu text, numbers, and lettering suddenly turned into weird hieroglyphics symbols. So I did the logical thing and closed Blender. I reopened it and opened an earlier file that was a single blade of grass with a simple node tree. Before, I would render it in eevee and it would render it in a snap. When I click the render button now, it took 1 minute and 30 seconds to render. What? how is that possible? So I closed Blender again an reopened again. Same thing. I rebooted my computer and she thing. So I decided to just open a new file and change the default cube from object mode to edit mode. It took a second and a half. I try to rotate and add in a plane and everything is moving like it’s stuck in molasses. What’s going on? I have a late 2011 MacBook pro. I know it’s an old laptop, but I got half way through the tut. just fine. And I may have to upgrade to get the the end, but simple things in blender should be bogging like they are now. I also closed everything I wasn’t using at the moment to free up as much member as possible. Still nothing.