Blender 2.81a - Question on parameter windiw


I just want to know if there is any way to keep the parameter window always open and furthermore close to my mouse cursor.
If e.g. I am in edit mode on a simple cube and activate all vertices and click the right mouse button and choose ‘subdivide’ then in the lower left corner appears the parameter window where I can adjust the number of subdivisions.
But always this window is minimized and I have to move the mouse to this window, click on it and only then I can adjust it to my wishes. But this is really annoying and time consuming.
I know I can hit F9 to get ‘Adjust Last Operation’ which opens the parameter window but then I have to hit always F9.

My question:
is there any way or setting to open the parameter window immediately close to where my mouse cursor is?

Here a short screencast which shows the small parameter window in the lower left corner:

B2.81a showing the parameter window

The pie menu editor is very powerful

I rebound the f9 menu to one of my extra side mouse buttons (the ones that are use for back and forwards in other programs) so its no effort to bring up (f9 is impossible for me to to hit without a big hand movement and looking at the kb).

Not a very good answer to your question but may do the trick.