Blender 2.82 cycles render not generating output AT ALL. Thank you :)

Hi there! I’m having some trouble with my output. So I’ve been working on a project for MONTHS, because I was fairly new to blender. But, my final project I finally finished today but I could not for the life of me even render 1 frame. The first frame takes over 30mins then blended crashes and says no more storage.

I’ll admit I have many many textures on there, but nothing is working when i render I tweak anything in my project. I’ll add some photos below for a better explanation. Also, it makes my computer super slow that I cant even force quit Blender.

Thank you very much for your help!!! :slight_smile:

Welcome to BA Myra. :slight_smile: We will need to know a bit more about your computer, like the graphics card you are using and the driver version. I can see from your screen shot that Blender is complaining that it could not find a suitable graphics card to run CUDA. This means that Blender is running Cycles in CPU mode. In that case it looks like your project is so big that it will not fit in your computer’s memory. One way to fix this is for you to add more memory to your computer (note: this is not disk space). Another way is that you will need to trim down your scene, reduce texture resolution, etc. How much memory does your computer have?


Hi Jason,

Thank you for the welcome! Turns out my memory is pretty low, about 8GB and my processor is 1.6 GHz. The graphics on my mac is Intel HD Graphics 6000, 1536MB.

And lol I initially thought memory meant disk space XD, so thank you for the clarification. In which way could i increase my memory? I’ll try trimming my scene too. Thanks!!! :smile:

Ah, yeah, 8GB is pretty small for doing 3D graphics. Your Intel card is not going to be able to run CUDA, which is a Nvidia card only API. You might try OpenCL, but I’m not sure that will work as well. And your card only has 1.5GB of vram memory so you will not be able to render much.

I’m assuming you are using a laptop? In that case, depending on the laptop, you might be able to find a memory upgrade for it. Unfortunately laptop memory is pretty expensive and you will have to know how to open the laptop up to install it. If you did do that I would suggest to double what your laptop has if possible.

In the short term your best option is to try to limit your scene as much as possible and make sure to shut down any other applications that are running at the same time (especially web browsers, they can suck up several GBs of memory easily). Your ultimate solution would be to purchase a new computer which has the specs that you need. Sorry I don’t have any easy solutions.


That makes sense, and not at all you were very helpful! ill try fixing it up to make the scene a bit smaller and to use up less textures. Thank you for you help!!

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