Blender 2.82 extremely SLOW

Hallo everyone,
I wish I could say I am happy with where the blender has gone recently, especially moving to ver. 2.8. Seems there are so many cool new features… But the overall speed really worries me, and if it stays like this, there is no way I can possibly think of moving forward to 2.8x and I have to stick with the older 2.79 for sure…
I have searched many threads but I wasnt able to find any solution to the speed problem. Am I missing something?
I have tried to follow a tutorial but I was almost not able to continue due to lagging. For example moving out od editmode wit mash of 400 vertexes takes 10 seconds, and the annoying blue windows circle appers also… Blender was allways superfast and slick compared to other software, but now it seems rather heavy…Also changing a parameter for example of hair/particles takes ages to calculate…
My computer is not top notch but for the scenes I was testing is way good enoug.
Specs are in the enclosed files.

system-info.txt (22.2 KB)
Can anyone shed more light on this topic for me?
Thank You so much in advance

Have you tried scraping away all traces of Blender and reinstalling from scratch? To try this:

  • uninstall Blender in the usual way: (Control Panel > Programs and Features > Blender, RMB-click and uninstall),
  • delete the Blender Foundation folder in C:\Users<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\ (copy the contents elsewhere if you want to preserve your settings), and
  • reboot.

Then try reinstalling 2.82.

It was very slow and crashed a lot for me for like the first week.
Idk why but it just started getting better and better and now I don’t even have it crash.
I think you should just give it some time

I don’t know, and while I am not a fan of 2.8 I didn’t have this problem. It’s weird that it’d go from fine on 2.79 to unusable on 2.8, but that CPU is old. It meets the system requirements, other than the

“Less than 10 year old”


Your definition of slow is very cryptic.
I had a 1045t with way worse graphics until recently and it handled Blender 2.8X “fine”.
Your hardware should handle it easily. I am leaning towards borked install of Blender. Try running it from a live stick maybe.
How much harddrive space is available on your Windows 10 by the way?