Blender 2.82 Getting error with Unreal

im getting this error every time i import
this what export setting i’m using

You don’t give much details about what you try to import (and export from Unreal) but I can point you to this excellent 40 minutes tutorial about a complete workflow to export from UE4 => Blender => UE4.

Since I have no details about what you try to do, and if I presume you imported an fbx format, I can point you to the video, after 3:50 minutes. UE4 seems to export an “empty” at the root of the object, and I see that in your import settings - in the 1st section - the “Empty” at the top of the list is not selected.

This may be totally unrelated, but maybe it’s worth a try…

By the way, this has nothing to do with the game engine, right ?

yes trying to get past this error on unreal (import bone transform is different from orignal)