Blender 2.82 Release

Hi, that´s just hours before Blender 2.82 is released and time to read the release notes during waiting and looking forward to the publication.

New splash preview: :wink:

Cheers, mib


Should I assume that this file is the real one :wink:

Hi, may be but the mirrors are not up to date for now, don´t break :wink:
I guess it will be officially released in a short time.

Cheers, mib

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It was either that or hitting Refresh at 5sec interval LOL

or this one, can’t let us Linux guys be beaten here lol

Perhaps, if a last minute issue is found that build could be retracted, and replaced. Nothing is official until the announcement by the foundation on the website/twitter etc

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We are aware of Blender 2.82a, b and c anyway, so …

Mib2berlin runs >>>

as usual…

It look like there are some issues with Blender 2.82. I noticed that when i did something like CTRL + Z to undo and it crashed. that’s a first time for me this year… I never had a crash with 2.81 and 2.80 in 2018

:thinking: maybe they have run in something troublesome and need time to fix it. We’ll see and the website haven’t changed to 2.82 yet. so It will take a while for the changes to take place.

Happened on 2.80 as well, which was delayed a week, I think.

I hope they have time to update node wrangler’s replace function to include the new nodes.

Better delay and fix than release crashing version to public. Lets wait when blenderheads(dev team) are really sure about releasing 2.82

I’ve had the occasional crash with almost any version, lastly this one I’m using right now
blender-2.81a-linux-glibc217-x86_64 from 1/22

Thus delaying a release speaks for a bigger problem IMO

Does the Optix viewport denoiser work in 2.82 or should I get an experimental version for that?

( About 3 a 4 weeks ago I tried an experimental build but it didn’t work with my RTX 2060. )


The most powerful blender ever it’s here ,I can say surely blender 2.82 it’s the best 3d software or at least among the top 3 dogs​:smiley: the only thing we need is faster animation playback and some improvements here and there to become the dream software :smiley:

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aaaaand here it is :smiley:


Jim Thacker did another great writeup of the five key features in this release:


GREAT! Should I uninstall the old version before install the 2.82 one?

Hi, I use always .zip files and have some 3-4 Blender on my systems, Release, Buildbot, own build and E-Cycles.
Each can have there own settings or all the same, as you like.

Cheers, mib