Blender 2.82 sluggish performance in comparison to C4D - why?


I’ve been working on a model in blender 2.82, and suddenly yesterday the performance made a steep dive into something that flustered me, as the amount of faces was nothing crazy.

I tried reinstalling blender, but the problem persisted.

I have a Cinema 4D license, so out of curiosity I exported the model as a fbx and opened it up in C4D.

Lo and behold as the performance was MASSIVELY better here. Not even comparable.
Why is this? Am I missing something.

  • No, I had no sub-s modifiers active in blender at the point of the performance pitfall.

Don’t get me wrong, I love modelling in blender. Much more so than modeling in Cinema. But the performance issues takes away from that joy.

What was slow, the sculpting tool or it was normal polygon faces editing ?

Coul you upload your Blender model so we can try it ?

It,s poly/face editing that is slow.

The file:

Ok, an update:

I may have resolved the issue for now. It seems that one of the meshes made blender act up. I noticed that not all meshes made blender behave like this. My solution: duplicated the mesh and deleted the original mesh. It seemed to work!

But the question now is - why did the mesh create this issue in the first place? :thinking: