Blender 2.82 visually crashes after 30s of inactivity after updating my NVidia drivers

Hello all!
I updated my NVIDIA card two days ago and ever since the update my Blender has been crashing after inactivity. What’s really interesting is that almost the entire work surface goes beserk. I checked my Abode programs and they too crashed the same way but somehow, less intensely.
Here are some screenshots:

I’ve updated my card again yesterday hoping it’d fix the issue and it did for the Adobe programs but Blender magically became even worse than the day before.
The problem is that it also magically goes back to normal-ish after I move my mouse around. I say normal-ish because every button on the screen remains mushed up in colors and I can’t see what I’m clicking.

After a mini heart-attack, I’ve managed to fix…ish the problem by installing Blender 2,81 and it works like a charm now, no bugs whatsoever, but I’m wondering what the heck happened.

update: I have an NVIDIA GTX 1060