Blender 2.82a crashes as soon as I click 'Domain' to create fluids

Sorry I am very ignorant, I have just started using Blender so I am not sure my terminology is correct.

Anyway when I try to make fluids, if I click Domain, Blende crashes immediately. It doesn’t happen if I click on Flow or Effector from the same drop down menu.

I need to make milk that pours into a glass, I was wondering if you know any other way to make it and also if anyone has the same problem with Domain?

I have read it could be a bug in the latest version of Blender. Is it worth downloading an older version?

My specs are iMac early 2009, processor is 2.66 gh Intel core 2 duo, memory is 4gb 1067 MHz ddr3, nvida GeForce 9400 256 mb

Maybe try 2.83, they made a bunch of stability and speed improvements to the fluid sim.