Blender 2.82a crashes/closes unexpectedly

I 've used blender as a video editor in the past and i ve been quite satisfied from it’s features. So i installed the newest 2.82a version, where happily i see in the start menu the option to begin working with it immediately as a video editor. Nice!
So i ve been trying to do some editing, and the features are all still there. For some reason though while i m doin simple tasks, blender keeps shutting down unexpectedly. For example, today i have been trying to cut a 2 minute long clip, imported from my sony 6000 a camera, do a fade out and export it. I suceeded to do this after a couple of blender crashes, but now, i 'm trying to do the same to export a second clip and it has crashed 6 times in a row!

I used to run ubuntu studio for years, but now i need specific software so i changed to windows 10. I am with a dell laptop, i5 - 7200 @ 2,5 8 giga ram and 100 giga ssd for windows to run on. I keep a around 8 giga free on the ssd, which may be too little of space. Could this be the problem for blender crashing?

Would anyone have any other idea for what to look?