Blender 2,83-2,91-2,92, freezes with Rx 500 series graphics cards or error kernel

Blender freezes completely when rendering scenes on rx 580-590. After I shoot the task through the task manager, no re-rendering occurs. You have to restart your computer to fix this problem.
After the blender has frozen once, then when you try again, you get the following message:

But that was before, but now the problem has changed and now, in any case, an error pops up on any version of the blender. Older driver tried but problem persists
The driver version at the moment is (20,12,1):

Recently I was the owner of a Rx 580. But due to a large number of problems with rendering, I was forced to buy at least a used gtx 1080. And now I am writing on behalf of my friend, because his situation is no better with the same video card) Maybe someone here is the owner of the same series of video cards? And do you have the same problems with this series?

Similar issue with HD 7970… It’s an AMD driver issue (Windows 10), on Linux I have no problem :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Thanks for the answer. Now it’s a little better clear