Blender 2.83.2 Meshes all invisible

Hey i just got blender 2.83.2 after a while of not using blender cause of school, last version i used was 2.81; but on opening blender all the meshes are invisible, like this:

and when i render the default cube with eevee engine, this happens:

The cycles engine renders fine; although the cube is still invisible in the viewport:

Also, when i go into Tab-edit mode, the mesh shows up along with all it’s vertices, is this normal behavior now and I just missed some update to the view port? pls help

Top right of the 3d panel, over the navigation tool and between option, you have the view mode control.
Currently you have xray and wireframe on. Try switching to solid and disabling xray ?

hey, thanks for your response, unfortunately I already tried that but it still looks the same:

hey thats same problem is happening with me but not only in 2.83.2 , it is happening with me in all 2.8+ versions . please anyone help us!!