Blender 2.83 Alpha : Scavenger series, grease pencil workflow Part 1

The Scavenger tutorial series will be for the most part 2d animation orientated however as the series progresses the videos will be less instructional and more workflow orientated even though Grease pencil is central to this series, in the later stages we will be diving into 3d modelling and sculpting, we will also look at creating lip sync dialogue in Grease pencil and finally we will look at using Grease pencil as a tool for story boarding…like Blender this course is free so buckle up and get ready for the ride, theirs going too be tears, cheers, off topic rants pillaging and plundering the occasional virgin sacrifice, ok maybe no virgin sacrifices or robbing, but there will be attempts at humour too keep the tutorials from getting to dull, so check it out and let the mayhem begin.