Blender 2.83 Bevel modifier profile texture problem

I tried the new bevel profile and it works great, however, i was wondering if there any way to assign textures?

like the screenshots I attached, I need the bevel profile to have a single material rather than split it into two. except apply the modifier and then assign it manually, i didn’t find any solution on it~

Since the modifier doesn’t have any material settings in it, can’t you just use a single material and separate any effect by world or object height? In a single slot, if z > threshold, use this part of the material, else use some other part of material. Should work for non angled stuff.

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CarlG is correct. You can use the Z to separate that part and apply it with another material.

here’s a good example:

It’s pretty simple and easy to make an adjustment.

I was using Blender 2.82.7 and it should be possible in 2.83 without any problem. Just keep this in mind, 2.83 is still in Alpha.

Hope this helped!


I added one more materials to the object so you can have 3 different materials on one object. and The object I forgot to mention was that it also has the custom profile with a bevel modifier.

If you want the whole ceiling to just be white… then you can remove the Node setup #B and leave #A alone. You also just need to remove the light blue node and mix shader. then you’ll be all good to go.

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I will try it~

Thanks for all the examples!
save me a lot of time!

You’re welcome

and one more thing… you see the math “ADD” between Separate XYZ and Combine XYZ. that’s the coordinate for Z so you can move the black up or down. you should do the colorRamp first and then do the Math “ADD” to make a fine adjustment. it’s very simple and easy to do. You can play with ColorRamp and Math “ADD” node to understand how it work.

Good luck with your project!

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Thank you so much!
have a great one!