Blender 2.83+ Collection Name/String API Change?


I recently discovered my addon i made for Blender, that’s been working fine, suddenly is having an error with collections in 2.83 - 2.9

Maybe I need to go about this another way, but I was showing the current collections in a list using

col2.prop_search(scn, "collection_selection", scn.collection, "children", text='')

However, in 2.82, it should show the name/string selected as ‘Collection’.
But now in 2.83 or higher, for some reason it’s outputing ’ Collection’.

Basically adding extra spaces in-front of the name or something. Was there an API change/
some reason this would have changed in newer versions? Maybe I can strip empty characters/spaces outta the beginning of the name/string for the collection names…

Thank you!

Edit: Yeah, I thikn just adding .strip() to my scn.collection_selection.strip(), may do it. Unless again, is a better way…