Blender 2.83 UDIM for every layer possible?

Hey everyone :slightly_smiling_face:,
I am new here and couldn’t find an answer to my question around so decided to ask. I have a tank model in blender 2.83 and because it will be hero asset the mesh is kind of dense. Also, I will be exporting it as fbx for Substance painter. So I have the mesh all done and unwrapped and it’s separated on 4 layers- Equipment, Hull, Suspension and Turret. The layer separation is all done for performance reasons. I started packing UV islands and for the hull, I use 3 UDIM tiles because it’s 1:1 scale and 1 texture cant take all islands while keeping good texel density. Then I started working on the turret, but I still have the same 3 UDIM tiles present to work with. So the question is if I can have 3 UDIM tiles for the layer with the hull and only one for the turret since the islands are smaller there?
How does that work in Blender?
Is it like you either have UDIM tiles and no layers, or many layers with one tile each?