Blender 2.83 with Select Through patch


I’ve compiled 2.83.2 stable release with the original mesh select through patch by Benjamin Sauder:

The build has been compiled with CUDA libraries but without OptiX, so you should be fine as long as you don’t require OptiX features for your work.

It’s useful for anyone who wants to have this essential feature in Blender:

A very short video of selection freedom it allows (without having to constantly toggle Xray ON/OFF and fight face center based selection):


But why on earth this is not in master already??? I can’t even think of a 3d app that can’t do that… :upside_down_face:

Now you know of one. Blender! :smiley: Here you can join 160+ post long thread of other people complaining:



I’ve compiled 2.83.5 (Latest LTS) with the same original Select Through patch:
This time it’s been compiled also with the OptiX libraries, not just CUDA, so everything should work the same way as official build.


Nice to see you found a solution.
I guess, you will also like that.

I won’t. Behavior that changes randomly depending on the direction when using the very same tool is very frustrating IMO. :slight_smile: But if someone wants to use that, good for them. It doesn’t solve the select through issue in any way.

I mean, the one big reason I like the Select Through patch is that it removes the complete nonsense where edges are almost randomly being selected in different way depending on how many of them are inside selection box. So having yet another layer of selection unpredictability would be devastating.

If this makes it through, I will be extremely angry, because it’s been implemented as an additional checkbox in selection mode. That is the exactly same way the Select Through patch was implemented, and was rejected for over 2 years ago, despite being probably the most requested feature ever since.

Hmmm… i don’t know. For CAD workflows that feature is expected, needed, required and mandated, but for a generalistic 3D approach in Blender, probably not so much, since object/edit mode pretty much makes it not really needed, but i think anyone used to 3DSmax, any CAD or BIM software out there will welcome this, even in case of Blender, IMHO, it doesn’t make that much sense. Probably will be hidden behind an option, and most people will probably want enabled by default in time. spotted in your video that you selected edges with 3 box selections, while this feature will allow to do the same with selection with a single one.
This is useful feature)

Speaking of select through, it is useful only for regular geometry, which is kinda limitation.
Anyway, we has reached a nice concept, suitable for implementation, the problem is that development was flawed, because too much people tried to prioritize their demands over the others.
Design process should be calm and clear, everything can be reached with a nice design.
I hope our singlebutton solution will reach master at some point, since it will solve the issue for the most possible cases.

No, this feature will mess up selection randomly depending on the direction. That just doesn’t make sense. Selection should be always consistent. So I want to choose how the edges are selected all the time, regardless of the direction of box selection. Select Through patch does it perfectly.

Most people here do not care about efficient modeling, but I do. So for example I can’t imagine the frustration having to move my mouse pointer back to initial position (left of the object) when I want to perform another box selection, otherwise, if I were to continue the selection stroke in the opposite direction, it would change the selection method.

This is extremely common scenario where I want to select part of the mesh and then deselect some part of the selection, without having to travel my cursor back where I started. It’d be really very angry if the selection method suddenly changed just because I changed the direction of the selection.

This bullshit they are coming up with is fine only for people who are comfortable with slow modeling process, where they don’t mind stopping and having to waste mental power remembering which behavior applies currently depending on some small intricate way the tool is used. But most efficient tools are always the most consistent ones.

I really find it fascinating how they just keep failing and prioritizing things properly. It seems that the less impact a feature has, the higher it gets on the priority list.

Wow, it will be optional anyway, so no worries.
I forgot that this kind of a selection is related to Autodesk Autocad/Revit, while in Autodesk 3dsmax window/crossing selection is a static switch, so indeed you may not be familiar with this kind of a selection.
My bad…

Yeah, sorry… I am still just really bitter about things like this having priority over things like select though. So then I have to waste time fixing and reapplying patches every time even a small hotfix is released. Patches of a feature that should exist in any reasonable software :confused:

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