Blender 2.8x new Game engine

Well there are plans for a new Game Engine, (old one still abandoned).
The plans are a way better engine with (maybe) export game logic options to other engines, Godot, unity unreal etc. ea do your node logic code in Blender.
The original game engine creator has been given a grant for it. 2,5 hours a week for a year, so likely not 2.8 target, but who knows 2.81 ?

I think this deserves a new thread since it opens so much new possibilities in the future, (not only for games but simulations as well)


Yep, sounds interesting. I’d like to know more about the plan though. Do you have any links to any more information?

I got the news from here :

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will that would be really great

2.5 hours a week for a year? So, after a year, a little over three standard work weeks will have been put into it…

That can’t be right.

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You probably mean work weeks, but still it seems on the low side of things.

That amounts to 160 hours in a year, 16,5 (8h) working days, but I do agree, it’s still not that much work.

Why do you need much time when you have done a lot and know how things work? That is totaly great news! Im happy that all that past work comes back to blender. Maybe in a new shape but it is not lost. Im sitting here with a big smile in my face. Thats realy cool news… I`m happy!

In Ton’s announcement, he mentioned 1.5 days a week. It’s in the mailing list.

I’m no programmer but I think that even very experienced teams of developers still need a bit more than 3 weeks to make a complete game engine.

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It is said that he is working for one year… not 3 weeks. I know that a person who has used blender since maybe 10 years and is a clever mind can do much more than a person who has no experience and thinks 3 weeks of work inside a year are a joke.


sorry for that poor english…

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Oops, yep, Edited my post for correctness.

Yep. In 3 weeks you could maybe come up with a preliminary design for a modern event engine, which I would argue is the easiest part of a modern game engine. I’ll never get the need for Blender to keep reinventing the wheel… there are so many amazing game engine options out in the world today.

@ m9 seriously… i like it :wink:

the email to bf-comitters mentions 1.5 days/week for a year, i’m not sure where the 2.5 hours/week comes from, the video?

maybe it makes sense to not discuss the time for development. Maybe it is better to discuss the need of an interactive game engine kind of thing in blender.

edit… the old style… i think that would be great

Kinda curious if you people know why he made the previous game engine.
It’s mentioned in one of Ton’s interviews (not sure which), but the story goes like.
Father pushes son a bit to learn render, but then father notes that his son cannot make games with Blender.
And so he just “fixed” that, and Ton who never thought of getting into such stuff back then, suddenly got a surprise the opensource nature of Blender brought a game engine to Blender.

Kudo’s if someone knows the link of that interview cause its a really a great story,
It must be on youtube somewhere.

Anyway not sure how much time he would need to code, but coding skills usually improve over time.
I dont think the focus here is dev time, the grand may be a gift, just like in the past BGE was a gift.

The way i read the announcement (in the mailing list) istn that Benoit will make a new game engine, but more like expending the (for example) workbench engine with physics/event handling.
Also he would probably work with the people from Armory/Godot/Blend4Web to create API’s so external engines can be linked/integrated nicely.

This first task isnt huge, getting the physics and baking working fast and stable is the main job afaik.

The second task he’s assigned to is ‘Design and prototype a new nodal logic system’
I want to emphasize the word ‘Prototype’ here.
Ton and other developers mentioned in the past that implementing a global nodal system will take several people working together about a year of work (perhaps the next code quest?) and Benoit’s work is a big part of the preparation of that.

So yeah, that’s how i see it. not a game engine, but a new interactive engine set up for physics and such. and make it possible for external game engines to link to Blender.

I think the main difference this time will be; that there will be no development time required for a separated drawing engine (with all of blenders modifiers and extensions, the pain was that everything had to made multiple times for each render engine. ).
Initially (old engine) rendering BI or Cycles would be way to slow to create a game, so there was BG with its own display rendering engine (openGL). But now that the render system gets an overhaul NPR rendering like eevee can be fast enough for games. So he doesn’t have to develop those parts any-more…

Also the physic engines allready exist (2.7x made use of the bullet engine, though not the latest version).

I don’t think baking (material?) is part of this, as Baking belongs to the cycles development team.
If you mean baking of physics then that’s recording of a Physics engine or recording interaction.

As for a game engine, to work it has to handle events, (ea object hitting or near object, or user input ), hence why i think it will be called interactive engine (as no longer it will be a separate 3d render system)

Node based workflows is verry popular these days, and there exists more census over standards then there was in the past (or at least limitation are better known). Learning from Blend4web and Godot and other game engines, i think such node system would be less difficult to make (the other projects already tackled the problems of working with nodes)… Though the goal seams higher, the new BGE could be used to export its logic to other engines. (sounds amazing, but not impossible, we already can make game props, so why not the logic)., Blend4web already uses a node system, but i guess it will be more of a ‘general common’ subset of such logic, so it could be exported to other engines (and refined there).

Hooking in other game engines might be an option as well, but if that was the goal, then they could have created just a plugin for unreal render instead of eevee, so i assume the devs set themselves for higher goals. Which doesn’t sound strange since 2.8 might the engine for the next 10 years or so.

It might also be a good time to start collaborating with the other opensource engines, i think they are allready “good friends”, i assume most opensource minded artist will use Blender plus something else, its a small world.

Also i like to note that Benoit has made a big surprise in the past with his BGE, if he is not upgrading forking the old BGE code then it means he’s onto something new something that will be a huge difference. And since coding skill don’t diminish over time, but tend to improve, i’m excited.

I’m trying to theorize and guess here so, @Joel_nl might be right as well.
Whatever the outcomes will be i’m sure we have exciting times ahead.

  • I’m sure Benoit will be able to re-use allot of the existing engines, be it Eevee or the Workbench. (I’m guessing Eevee since it features advanced shading options, an external engine engine would also have those options)
  • When talking about Baking, i was indeed talking about Physics.
  • I would like to see external game engines being able to add custom nodes and not having to depend on Blender nodes. this because External Game engines develop faster then that part of Blender, Armory for example.
  • Hooking in other game engines IS part of Benoit’s job, not the actual hooking-up but creating API’s in collaboration with the developers of Armory/Godot/Blend4web. (Ton said so in his announcement)

This friday i’ll hopefully be able to visit the Blender institute, i’ll be sure to ask around about all this :slight_smile: