Blender 2.9 keeps crashing

Still crashing in command z not frequently as before but, yes still… :frowning:

Does it crash only when in the rendered viewport, or crashes irrespective of what viewport you’re using?

Well. Sometimes I make a mistake and, I want to go back and it just crashes in solid mode.

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Ah right. That hasn’t happened to me. But Blender usually freezes for like a second or half when I hit undo though.

yeah. It’s happening with me too. I am texturing a character in texture paint mode, and sometimes it crashes when I paint something. Tried the 2.90.1 but still the same

Any similarities with these talks? Not happened to me but just thought to mention.

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Well well well. I was just thinking of giving 2.9 another try today and you literally told me not to haha. I’m currently using 2.83.5 btw. Super stable.

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That’s interesting. Although Blender has been rock stead for me till 2.9. While 2.9 just crashes, there hasn’t been any issues with anything else for me. Currently using 2.83.5.

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I am also having constant problems sculpting. Even on a relatively low number of polys (1 million) I get constant slow downs on 2.9 and regular crashes. I have also noticed that it is not always saving the file when I ask it to save meaning I lose work despite having saved. I have also reverted back to 2.83 which seems to be more stable (but does not provide as nice detail as 2.9).