Blender 2.9 keeps crashing

Just out of curiosity, what OS you are using?

macOS Catalina

iMac 2013 (LOL I know)

I get the feeling that this is AMD gpu related.

like others, I was super impressed at how stable Blender 2.8# was. I get a crash every 10 minutes or so using 2.9, 2.91 and 2.92. It’s unusable in a production environment. Tried with factory settings and still crashing. Usually when applying a material to an object via the material dropdown in the material panel. Win 10. Nvidia GPU.

For me 2.83 was very stable. Never crashed. After 2.9 crashed sometimes and 2.91 is unusable. Mostly happens when changing from Perspective to orthographic. Sometimes you cannot select an object and not much later crash. My PC is a i7-7700k, 32GB, gtx1080 and WIndows 10. I tried updating the graphics driver. Still the same. Trying now 2.83.12.

Hi all,

Add me to the list of disappointed users with 2.9 and above. Seems like there is no rhyme or reason to the crashes. I have tried it on 2 different computers, with addons and with the default settings and setup same results.

I might have to go back to 2.8 unless there is something that I can try…besides resetting things to the default. Open to ideas.


Alex, a good idea might be to post your blender crash logs…,is%20written%20in%20%2Ftmp%20directory.&text=More%20logs%20can%20be%20obtained,startup%20--debug-all%20flags.

Agreed. I will do that as I get them.


FYI for what its worth I went back to 2.83.12 LT and as of working all day yesterday no crashes. Same addons, some workflow perfectly fine. I will give it another 10 hr today of working and see what happens but right now I am going to stay in 2.83