Blender 2.9 Optix Error in Viewport and Render Modes

Just installed the new 2.9 release. I’m running Cycles in GPU mode (Experimental) on a Nvidia RTX 2070 gpu. As soon as I enable Denoising in the UI and switch to Optix for Viewport or Render, I get this error:

OPTIX_ERROR_INVALID_VALUE in OptixDenoiserSetModel (denoiser, OPTIX_DENOISER_KIND_HDR, NULL, 0) (device_optix.cpp:917)

Anyone else get this? If so, is there a fix somewhere in the Nvidia settings or registry or is this a bug with Blender 2.9?

I should point out that using Optix in Blender 2.83.4 is not an issue. Works just fine on the same machine, same GPU. This is using just the default scenes. Nothing custom.

Check thread 6 under this topic. Change the setting in world settings from automatic to manual.
Cycles: How to avoid out of memory error? Worked for me.

Thanks for the reply. However, that solution doesn’t work for me in the viewport rendering. The actual render is fine, but anytime I enable Optix for viewport denoising, it spits back that error and will not load the scene in the rendered view.

Viewport denoising/rendering will always use the Progressive refinement as far as I know anyway.

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it seems like a typo in the code… maybe?

btw luxxeon… the response one gets is this:
“HAH! We use 2.91alpha… because using the stable is so out of date.” (this is pretty much what you can read here… I am not joking, I have addressed the same issue: Blender 2.90 Released )

I see what you mean. It’s nice that some people can use the “cutting edge experimental” builds as they come out, but I personally have no time for that type of thing. It’s fun to play with daily builds and I understand it’s exciting to get the new toys to Blender, but most of this stuff isn’t new to me anyway and I don’t have time to keep adding new builds only to find new bugs or having things that used to work suddenly break.

Anyway, it’s not a really big deal since the Optix denoise feature still works in the render, and I typically use the Composite Denoise Node anyway. Seems like it could be a bug in the Optix viewport code, you’re right.

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Back then we got a stable with very minor bugs (if any at all), and that was the end of it, no need to go on an alpha hunt. Now it feels like, we get a release, everyone already goes and looks for the Alpha build as there seems to be very little faith in the stability of the actual release (?).
If we’re that far that people skip the main release and start discussing Alphas… we will probably end up having a different version for every user in the forum.

It’s a bit weird how it spins these days.

I myself only ever switched to the 2.79 nightly build (as an example) because of the CPU+GPU rendering feature… but before that I always stuck with the main release.

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Well, I seem to have somehow fixed the Optix issue in the viewport denoising. At least temporarily, it seems to have been related to my driver. I had a very recent RTX driver installed (I think it was only a month old), but I decided to try the latest August gaming driver for RTX 20x series cards to see if that made a difference. Then I did a system reboot and I deleted the config.blend file for the 2.9 installation.

I didn’t have much confidence this would work, but sure enough it seems to be working. I haven’t fully tested Optix denoising in the render this time, but the viewport seems to be working fine now. The driver I have installed is 452.06 - desktop for win10. Hopefully I don’t run into other issues, but so far so good.

PS: I had deleted the config.blend file from the installation before and that didn’t work on its own. This is the portable version, not the exe btw.

Yeah, Optix really requires the very latest drivers or you will have all sorts of problems with it. I got crashes and wildly bogus denoising results with a 2-3 month old driver on Windows, and updating it to the latest “game ready” driver offered by Geforce Experience completely solved all the issues.

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