Blender 2.9 scale in 1 direction without deform

Hello, I would like to know with version 2.9 how to scale an object without deforming it in X or Y.
With version 2.7 I did very well because there was an icon in the taskbar (see the image) and in the new version I can’t find it.

How I can do a scale in X without deformation like before?

Thanking you in advance for your help.

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Thanks for the response,
The push pull work great with 2 objects. Thanks for the tip.

My problem is also with a single object in edit mode when I’ll try to scale the selected vertex in X,it deform it.
Is there a fix for a single object in edit mode?
Thanks by avance.

I’ll just found the push pull in edit mode!

Thanks a lot it works great!

Just for completeness, the original object mode option that you’ve circled on a 2.7x screenshot, which allows to scale or rotate object positions without deforming them, is now called “Transfrom Only Locations”, and can be found in the sidebar (N panel), Tool tab, Options pane, Transform; or in the corresponding Options dropdown on the right side of the 3D view header.

Thanks for the explanation about the transform only.